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Todd And Julie Chrisley Appeal Hearing Update: Date Changed Again

Todd and Julie Chrisley‘s appeal hearing date has been changed again. Their daughter Savannah Chrisley shared an update on her podcast. Read on to learn more.

Date Changed For Appeals Hearing

Savannah Chrisley revealed on the latest episode of her Unlocked podcast that the date for the appeals hearing has been changed again.

It was initially scheduled for March, but then it was pushed to mid-April. Now, the date has been pushed to April 19, 2024. One fan took to Reddit to share this update.

One fan wrote: “So they moved it back further. Ugh, the same day as the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing! I was traveling at the time. Scary!”

Todd And Julie Chrisley's Appeal Hearing Update: Date Changed Again

Another user noted: “Omg! I’m sure their lawyers are panicking now. They don’t want a courtroom full of ‘fans’ or snarkers.”

Savannah Chrisley seemed calm about the date change. She spoke with Todd and Julie Chrisley’s attorney Jay Sargent during the podcast episode. She explained that the reason behind the date change is that the appeals hearing won’t attract a crowd.

However, some fans feel this doesn’t look for the Chrisleys. Todd and Julie hope to be granted an appeal. They’re fighting to get a shorter prison sentence.

Other fans want to know what Todd and Julie will plead during the hearing. However, the appeals hearing is not a time for providing new evidence.

Will Todd And Julie Chrisley Win The Appeal?

There are questions as to whether Todd and Julie Chrisley will win the appeal. The original poster Right_Ad5936 brought up this question in another Reddit thread. Some of their fans, naysayers, and critics took to the thread to share their thoughts.

One fan wrote: “I’ll lead with I think they are guilty as hell, scammers, and grifters who were smart enough to put forth a polished and charming facade.”

Another user mused: “Feds don’t eff around. They aren’t going anywhere.”

The judge previously addressed their appeal issues at the end of the trial and during the sentencing. Some fans have doubts that Savannah Chrisley has the power to shorten their prison sentence. Julie Chrisley might get an even shorter sentence. Todd is the only one who acts guilty.

There has been no new evidence since the last court case. They haven’t been granted the appeal. Each side only has 15 to 30 minutes to argue their side. Since nothing new has been presented, it will most likely be tossed aside and the appeal denied.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Todd and Julie Chrisley will win the appeal? What are your thoughts on the date change? Sound off below in the comment section.

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