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Julie Chrisley Could Be Released From Prison Early For This Reason

Since Todd and Julie Chrisley reported to prison, their daughter Savannah has served as a mouthpiece for her father, Todd, to air his many grievances regarding the state of the prison he’s in. And the food is the least of all that he’s criticized about prison life.

But Julie seems to be taking prison life in her stride. While she’s already spent a year there, there’s hopes that instead of spending five more, she may be coming out as early as next year. See what their lawyer has to say about the upcoming Appeal in April.

Family Attorney Claims Margin of “Errors” In Julie’s Original Conviction May Lead To Reduced Sentence Even if They Lose Appeal

In April, Todd and Julie Chrisley will have a chance to appeal their case in order to see if they can walk out a free couple. As you no doubt already know, the couple are serving a combined sentence of 19 years for tax evasion.

However, their family attorney is now revealing that due to the “errors” in Julie’s original conviction, her sentence may be substantially reduced.

Julie Chrisley Could Be Released From Prison Early For This Reason, Family Attorney Claims

“If she is re-sentenced in the summer or the fall of next year, I think her sentence should be substantially reduced,” the lawyer said on Savannah’s Unlocked podcast. What this means for Julie’s incarceration is that she is likely to be out sooner than expected.

If Julie’s sentence was to be reduced to three years, she’ll be walking out of the big slammer as early as next year.

“That’s not out of the question. And I think the hard part when you talk to clients and talk to families about things like that is, that is an option on a spectrum of options. And so you don’t want to give people false hope. You want to be realistic, that is certainly an option,” the attorney added.

It’s possible that the First Step Act could also come into play. The bill was passed in 2018 as a criminal justice reform bill which encourages rehabilitation of those who have been convicted. In addition to this, it also reduces sentences that are deemed too excessive.

“Again, we don’t know whether the judge would actually apply it in a way to reduce her sentence. We think it should if the judge would have followed the guidelines. And that could happen, you know, this year, early next year,” he concluded.

Julie has already had her original sentence reduced by 14 months.

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