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Todd Chrisley LIED To Julie About ‘Foolproof’ Scam: She Wants Divorce

Julie Chrisley believed her husband Todd Chrisley’s promise that they would never go to jail for his tax fraud scheme. And the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch convinced his wife that his plan seemed “foolprool.”

But ever since the couple received a combined 19-year prison sentence, Julie reportedly increasingly has considered divorcing Todd. Keep reading to learn her regrets for what she sacrificed for fame. 

Julie Chrisley – Trusted Todd’s ‘Foolproof’ Tax Fraud Scheme

Todd Chrisley created the tax fraud scheme that ended with both the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch and his wife Julie Chrisley receiving a combined 19-year prison sentence, per the Daily Mail. But now, as Todd, 54, serves his 12-year sentence in Florida, his 50-year-old wife Julie suffers while completing her seven-year sentence in Kentucky.

Todd Chrisley LIED To Julie About ‘Foolproof’ Scam: She Wants Divorce

And although both Todd and Julie faced charges of bank fraud and tax evasion, Julie feels overwhelmed with regrets. As a result, insiders claim that the Chrisley Knows Best matriarch may quit her 27-year marriage to Todd. And her friends feel assured that Julie has decided to divorce Todd.

Because the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch convinced his wife that his “foolproof plan” would work, she trusted him. But that trust put Julie behind bars. And even after completing their lengthy sentences, Todd and Julie face 16 months of probation each.

Todd Chrisley – Promised Julie Chrisley Would ‘Never’ Go To Jail

Julie and Todd received guilty verdicts for tax evasion and bank fraud. And evidence showed that the couple’s fraud totaled $30 million. As a result, the two headed to prison. But insiders have revealed that Julie now keeps asking herself if she should stay in her marriage to Todd.

And the Chrisley Knows Best matriarch feels upset that her husband persuaded her that his scheme seemed so solid that they would “never go to jail,” reveal insiders. Because she had trusted him and now realizes he lied, “Julie’s friends are certain that she will eventually divorce Todd for convincing her to go along with his foolproof plan that landed them in prison,” revealed an insider.

However, both Todd and Julie recently received reductions in their prison sentences. For instance, Julie will now spend five and a half years in Federal Medical Center Lexington. And Todd will remain for a full decade in Pensacola, Florida.

Todd Chrisley – Feels ‘Betrayed’

But while Julie believes her husband lied to her, Todd feels that the United States government “massively betrayed” him. And the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch points to what he sees as an inadequate living situation in prison. For instance, Todd has complained about insufficient heating in the winter, a lack of air conditioning in the summer, plumbing problems, insects, and mold.

And a source described Todd as “hopeless and completely broken. He spends his days in isolation because a lot of the prisoners don’t like him due to the fact he has been blabbing about the prison conditions. ‘Todd is preaching to anyone who will listen. But he is only making things worse for himself. Regardless of what he does, he is still stuck in jail for the next decade.”

But Julie also feels “broken down” in her own prison cell. And she has suffered with regrets, say insiders. “She cannot fathom how she will spend years being locked up and feels that she let her family down,” revealed one insider. And the source shared that Julie “regrets what she did in the name of fame.”

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