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King Charles Evicted Harry & Meghan From Frogmore As “Punishment” For Netflix Series?

British royal family news reveals that King Charles gets a drubbing in the latest book by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bestie biographer, Omid Scobie.

According to Scooby Doo, Charles is a tightwad dad who “punished” his boy by evicting him from the taxpayer funded Frogmore Cottage.

Endgame is Scobie’s latest scornful look at the monarchy.

According to him, sources claim that Charles’ eviction of the traitors was a tit for tat “after the Netflix series came out last December with a series of attacks on the Royal Family.”

Royal Family News: Markles Are Shocked And Disappointed?

The Daily Mail reports that Scobie claims a source (anonymous of course) told him that Harry and Meghan were shocked and disappointed when they heard the news.

King Charles Evicted Harry & Meghan From Frogmore As “Punishment” For Netflix Series?

Despite them having fled the kingdom to profit off of snitching on his family, and relocating to California.

Scobie trots out the drama by sniffing that “Frogmore was the Sussexes’ only truly safe option when visiting the United Kingdom.”

Even more telling, is Scobie’s recollection that Harry’s response to Charles was “Do you want to see your grandchildren?” Apparently the term emotional blackmail has no meaning for him.

Royal Family News: King Charles Dragged Again

Charles’ response was that the couple would always have “somewhere to stay” which is more than they deserve after spreading falsehoods about the fam starting with the infamous 2021 Oprah interview.

According to Scooby Doo, when Harry learned that Prince Andrew was offered Frogmore Cottage, it was the “final blow.” Say what you will about Andrew, he has never torched his family nor the monarchy in the despicable manner that Harry and his wife have.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Low Blow

The taxpayers paid for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, but Meghan and Harry were reportedly unpleased with the results.

As a result, the taxpayers demanded that they repay the cost of renovations (reportedly over £2million) after they abandoned the property. Since fleeing the hands that fed, clothed and housed them in 2020, the Markles used Frogmore less than a few times.

At the same time Charles has not addressed the speculation that he wants his brother Andrew to inhabit the cottage so that Prince William and Princess Kate can into his current lavish residence Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Tell us royal fans, did Meghan and Harry Deserve to be booted from a house they never used?

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