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Todd Chrisley Shocks With Reaction To Savannah Dating Robert Shiver!

Chrisley Knows Best viewers know that Todd Chrisley always screened his daughter Savannah’s boyfriends. And while his inquisition embarrassed both the boys and his daughter, the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch took pride in his methods.

But in the wake of his prison sentence, Todd has changed his tune. Find out about a new report revealing how he feels in terms of meeting Savannah’s new boyfriend. 

Todd Chrisley – Reacts To Daughter’s New Boyfriend

Savannah Chrisley recently became involved with a new man. But many felt shocked to learn that Todd Chrisley’s daughter had chosen Robert Shiver. Her new date, an ex-football player, became involved in the Beauty Queen Murder Scandal. Shiver famously survived his wife Lindsay Shiver’s murder plot, reported People.

Todd Chrisley Shocks With Reaction To Savannah Dating Robert Shiver!

And now Savannah has told her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley about her new relationship with Robert. But they clash on meeting Shiver in person. And Todd’s reaction stunned his followers.

But Savannah explained, “You know, Dad is very against it just because, ‘He’s not gonna see me in this atmosphere and this environment.’ And I feel like it’s more a male pride type of thing,” added the reality TV star, 26, about Todd, 54. But Julie feels “very much all for it,” said her daughter. 

Julie Chrisley – Reacts To Robert Shiver

And Savannah explained her mother’s viewpoint. “She’s like, ‘Hey, if y’all are gonna end up together I need to meet him.’ And I sent her pictures of us, obviously, and she’s heard all the stories, so she is, like, vicariously living through me. So, he definitely will meet Mom, for sure. Who knows about Dad,” added Savannah.

However, the Chrisley Knows Best alum hopes that the lawyer can set her parents free. “But like I said, hopefully, things go in our favor,” said Savannah about the legal battle. “And they’ll be home sooner than later.”

But Savannah admitted that she misses her father. And she revealed she told Todd “everything” about “anyone I’ve ever dated. I long for those conversations,” added Savannah. 

Savannah Chrisley – Reveals New Man’s ‘Wife Just Tried To Kill Him’

Savannah talked about her new romance on The Viall Files podcast prior to publicizing her relationship with the Beauty Queen Murder Scandal survivor. And she hinted, “This guy that I’m talking to, his wife just tried to kill him. It’s fine,” she added.

However, the Chrisley Knows Best alum later regretted her candid comments. And she shared, “I just spilled my guts. I have learned that I will not drink wine before going on a podcast, not that that’s new,” she added. “But it was bound and determined to come out. I want to have as much respect for him and his situation as possible because he has three amazing little boys that are going to have to see and hear things one day. So for that, I’m like, I’m just going to enjoy our families in the best way that I can and not make it such a whole public ordeal.”

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