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Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval Drops Ariana Madix Bombshell, Reveals Girlfriend Test!

Vanderpump Rules spoilers for season 11 hint that Tom Sandoval will continue to cope with his cheating drama. And now Sandoval has dropped a bombshell in predicting his future with Ariana Madix.

Find out what Tom shared about his relationship with Ariana. And keep reading to learn how the Vanderpump Rules star developed a screening test for prospective girlfriends!

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Tom Sandoval Drops Ariana Madix Bombshell!

Did Tom Sandoval really just drop another bombshell about Ariana Madix? Yes. And it comes after the Vanderpump Rules star sparked a backlash for cheating on Ariana with Raquel Leviss.

But showing his inability to read the virtual room, Sandoval just predicted via Us that he will continue to live with Ariana a year from now.

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval Drops Ariana Madix Bombshell, Reveals Girlfriend Test!

And the Vanderpump Rules star, 40, didn’t stop there with his shockers. In the wake of his love triangle involving Ariana and Raquel, Sandoval announced that he views himself as “single.” But then he complained about the challenges in dating. And Sandoval called it “awkward.”

As a result of his reputation after the cheating scandal, the Vanderpump Rules star admitted that dating has become “just weird. It feels like a job interview.” And so Tom avoids dates “unless I know them already,” he added.

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Tom Sandoval Screens Potential Girlfriends

As a result of the backlash over his months-long secret affair with Raquel, Sandoval has developed a screening method for potential girlfriends. And he explained, “I would rather hang out with them and like their friends, see who they surround themselves with.” 

Vanderpump Rules has become known for its drunken scenes as its stars gulp down booze on their nights out. And Sandoval apparently realizes just how much damage those antics can cause. As part of his girlfriend screening test, he likes to “see how they act when they get drunk, then later go out on dates.”

Ariana and Tom had spent nine years together before he destroyed that relationship with his dalliance with Raquel. But Sandoval claimed that before Madix learned about his infidelity, he tried to break up. However, Ariana denied his allegation.

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Still Live Together

But Sandoval and Madix, 38, still share a house and film Vanderpump Rules together. And Tom pointed out, “We have mutual friends, obviously, on the same show together, so we have to coexist,” he said about Ariana. And he called it a “slow process,” admitting that the two “probably” will still share a house in 12 months.

Meanwhile, Raquel, 29, headed to a mental health treatment facility in April. And after leaving, she blocked Sandoval on Instagram soon after he sent her a public birthday wish. But Tom slammed Leviss as “petty. I think the power move is to mute people,” he added. 

And Sandoval noted that Raquel made a point of blocking him. “Doesn’t that seem petty? When you go away to a place where you are supposed to be working on yourself, bettering yourself, doesn’t that seem sort of like a step backwards?” he questioned. 

Meanwhile, an insider shared that Leviss and Sandoval do not talk to each other. And the source added that Raquel and Tom had continued their lack of communication for about three months. Leviss has avoided any contact with Sandoval since June. 

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