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Shocking Reviews Of Kevin Costner’s New Movie Horizon: An American Saga

What Critics Are Saying About Kevin Costner's New Movie Horizon: An American SagaWow, Kevin Costner‘s ‘Horizon’ may have gotten a standing ovation at the Cannes, but the critics are far from smiling at the ‘Yellowstone’ star’s “passion” project.

The three-hour Western drama is facing heavy criticisms, with one dubbing it the “dullest cinematic vanity project of the century.”

Kevin Costner’s – “Passion” Project Dubbed A Failure Following Cannes Premiere

Major outlets are unleashing their judgements on Kevin Costner’s 3 hour epic movie ‘Horizon’ and they’re not holding back. This movie is especially significant for Kevin Costner because, not only has he dreamed of making it for over two decades, he actually self-funded the project.

In fact, he leveraged one of his homes to shell out $38 million of the $90 million needed to make ‘Horizon.’

The first chapter is a three-hour long movie that was said to set the stage for the follow-up in the most sluggish and boring of ways.

The Hollywood Reporter called it “a clumsy slog,” adding that “It plays like a limited series overhauled as a movie, but more like a hasty rough cut than a release ready for any format.”

Amongst their complaints was that the movie was “littered with inessential scenes and characters that go nowhere, taking far too long to connect its messy plot threads.”

Vanity Fair called it “more like Waterworld than Dances with Wolves. A jumble of clichéd plots rendered in washed-out color (and washed-out performances).”

The outlet went on to declare it the “biggest American boondoggle at this year’s Cannes,” and wrote that there’s little hope the second part might straighten out the errors of the first.

However, the critic doubts that any miracle of cinema can save it. “At least Horizon accomplishes one staggering feat: it makes one wonder if we were maybe a little too hard on The Postman.”

For IndieWire, Costner’s ‘Horizon’ has officially become the “dullest cinematic vanity project of the century.”

The movie’s first part has also been called “a chore to sit through,” and even though some admit that a story can be developed from the set-up that’s been done so far, very few are willing to give it any credit beyond its starry ensemble and attention to period detail.

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