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William Shatner Reveals The Reason He Appeared On The Masked Singer

The Masked SingerYes, William Shatner’s time on the popular family show may be shortlived, but his motive for being there didn’t really fail to be fulfilled.

At 90, Shatner is the oldest person to travel to space. At 91, is he the oldest on the Masked Singer?

William Shatner Reveals How He Knew the Time Was Right To Sing Live On The Masked Singer

Performing as the Knight for the 8th season of The Masked Singer, Shatner aim was to raise awareness about his upcoming projects.

However, he didn’t get far in the competition show due to a new rule that requires only one contestant from each group to move forward. At the end of Wednesday’s premiere, William Shatner, dressed as the Knight, was unmasked.

“I know they called my name. I took the headdress off, and I don’t know anything else that transpired,” said of his experience when he heard the chant “take it off”.

“I couldn’t hear the orchestra. I couldn’t see anybody — the people, dancers,” Shatner told PEOPLE exclusively. “It was bizarre.”

He did share that he might have performed a rap song if he was given the chance to continue in the competition.

Speaking on why he decided to join the series, he replied that “the time seemed right. I’ve got a number of projects. I want to get the word out, and this was such a popular, fun show to do it with. [I have] a book coming out in a couple of weeks called Boldly Go, a watch that I’ve designed that will be out there soon, this show I do called The UnXplained, which is on the History channel. I’ve got two documentaries that I’m doing — one is on me, and the other is a documentary on the performance I gave at the Kennedy Center.

“And an NFT that will be out there in a month or so.”

William Shatner On Picking The Knight Custom And Why He Would Avoid Watching His Performance “That Went To Hell”

A knight riding a horse costume on a 91-year-old is nothing to laugh about. When asked why he chose it, Shatner had this to say: “Well, I don’t remember choosing it, but it seemed like a good idea. Everything seemed like a good idea at the time, until you do it. It’s like declaring war. You declare war, and then the moment you declare war, everything is different, and nothing is what you planned. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t hear, couldn’t breathe. Like everybody else that I know who has done the show, the performance is a lot less than what you had hoped for because of the awkwardness of the wardrobe. But, at the same time, that’s part of the fun of the show.”

Even though the show was fun, Shatner said he wouldn’t ever watch it as he suspected that his performance on the show “probably went to hell”.

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