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Camilla Parker Bowles Tried Her Best To Welcome Meghan Markle Into The Royal Family

At least she can walk away saying that she gave it her best effort. There’s a new report that says King Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, truly did try to welcome Meghan Markle into the royal family in the best way that she could. In fact, the future queen of England even used key gestures to show Prince Harry’s wife just how much she appreciated her during one of her very first royal engagements. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles Tried Her Best To Welcome Meghan Markle Into The Royal Family

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Camilla Parker Bowles broke royal protocol when she gave Meghan Markle a kiss on the cheek and a hug during their first joint public appearance together.

Anyone who has been paying attention will know that the royals are not people who like to give out hugs and especially not in public. But Camilla truly did want to make Meghan feel comfortable on that day.

Camilla Parker Bowles

Morton put it this way, “This rare royal gesture was a sign of how quickly the American actor had been accepted and treated with genuine affection by the Royal Family. On that day, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who had previously advised Kate Middleton on the finer points of protocol during her royal apprenticeship, was, without saying a word, signaling to the watching world that Meghan was now ‘one of us.'”

Royal Family News: Did Camilla Try Hard Enough?

Unfortunately, that little effort that Camilla Parker Bowles did make wasn’t enough for Meghan Markle to want to stay in the UK.

As many royal fans know, she and Prince Harry pulled the plug on their working relationship with the royals back in 2020.

They’ve since built a new life for themselves as financially-independent royals in sunny California. And from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like they plan on returning to the UK anytime soon.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter, although at this point it’s doubtful that they will.

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