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Prince Harry Looks Miserably Bored At Beyonce Concert: Meghan Markle Holds Him ‘Hostage’?

Prince Harry apparently doesn’t qualify as a Beyonce fan. And the Duke of Sussex didn’t even try to pretend as he accompanied his wife Meghan Markle to a recent Queen Bey concert. As a result, the pics of his bored expression went viral as observers mocked Harry.

Find out how the Duke of Sussex sparked a backlash over his facial expressions at Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour. And discover how Meghan, in contrast, reacted to the music. Get all the details below. 

Prince Harry Looks Beyond Bored At Beyonce

Yawn. The Duke of Sussex couldn’t hide his boredom at Beyonce’s concert. And Prince Harry didn’t really try to pretend that he enjoyed himself as he accompanied his wife Meghan Markle to a stop on Beyonce’s Renaissance tour.

Pics that went viral via Page Six showed Harry staring into the distance with a glazed expression amid the concert.

Prince Harry: Looks Miserably Bored At Beyonce Concert: Meghan Holds Him 'Hostage'?


However, Meghan happily danced to the music next to her mother Doria Ragland. But while Markle pranced, her 38-year-old hubby checked his phone in their private box at the stadium. And though Doria, Meghan, and Harry all obeyed Beyonce’s request that her audience don silver or gray, the Duke of Sussex looked like he he wanted to be anywhere but at a concert. 

As a result, social media united to mock him. For instance, one critic called out Harry for appearing that he had been “held hostage” during the show. And another shared that the Duke of Sussex looked “positively bored out of his skull.” But some went even further in dragging Harry over his gloomy expressions.

Prince Harry Becomes ‘Most Miserable Man’ At A Concert

And though pop culture doesn’t give out awards, some observers felt that Harry deserved one for becoming “the most miserable man to ever watch a Beyonce gig. Clearly in a foul mood and doesn’t care who sees it,” shared one critic. But another felt that Harry resembled “any other boyfriend/husband who was made to go to a Beyonce concert.”

However, some pointed out that Harry helped Meghan to celebrate her mother’s birthday amid his own mourning over the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. The trio celebrated Doria turning 67 just a day after the anniversary of Diana’s death 26 years ago. But Meghan seemed oblivious to Harry’s gloomy mood as she danced joyfully with her mother.

Markle and her hubby actually have links to Beyonce. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex met in 2019 at the London premiere of The Lion King. And Beyonce later praised Meghan for her courage after the 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview in which she accused the royal family of racial bias.

We want to know what you think. How do you feel about Prince Harry looking so bored at Beyonce’s concert as his wife dances the night away? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

  1. Pat newmans says

    If they are out partying then where are the children and all this going hereband there WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN.I wish just one of the Royals would go see Prince Harry at home and want to meet the kids and then WHAT???

  2. Jane says

    Just typical of Meghan’s selfishness. She doesn’t care what anyone else wants or likes unless it serves her purpose.

  3. Lisa says

    He looks utterly bored with this lifestyle. He’s a Royal and with that comes a lot of history. I believe he misses status and Country.

  4. Kay says

    So glad they are getting the privacy they claim to so desperately want‍‍

    Poor Harry, I know he really wants to help injured veterans, but his wife just wants to focus on rubbing elbows with the Hollywood heavies. Too bad they don’t seem to want her!!

  5. Betty says

    She doesn t care about anyone but herself. She uses people to get what and how to get what she wants.

    1. CR says

      Harry needs to driving “WAKE UP” !!! He has been used from day “ONE” !!! He must love to be used and like people to see her betray him and his love for her.

  6. Carol says

    Leave her Harry and go home!!

  7. Esther Riley says

    Why doesn’t he take his kids and go back to his family, where they will help him, if he wants it. Get rid of that money hungry bitch. It would be worth it to pay her off and get rid her sorry ass. I just don’t understand, I guess he likes it. Must be a good piece of ass., because he sure is paying for it.

  8. Kaitlin Jones says

    Markle seems like the ultimate prima donna.
    Harry should face reality and leave her.

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