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Did Prince Harry Meet With King Charles To Discuss His Will?

Prince Harry’s meeting with King Charles ruffled some feathers in the Royal Family, we know the aides cut him short and didn’t even invite him to stay at any of his family’s properties, instead he checked in to a hotel.  General consensus on the internet is Prince William ordered his brother back to America.

But, what exactly did Prince Harry say to his father that made him get the cold shoulder from every one?  Keep reading for all the details, and more Royal Family updates.

The Real Reason Prince Harry Visited King Charles?

Prince Harry was roasted after jetting to London to see his father King Charles for less than an hour after learning he was diagnosed with cancer. 

Did Prince Harry Meet With King Charles To Discuss His Will?

Royal critics slammed the Duke of Sussex in the media for taking advantage of his father’s health crisis to stage a photo-op and get back in to the British people’s good graces.  But, the REAL reason Harry met with King Charles might actually be even worse.

Did Prince Harry hear his father was sick and race to London to make sure he and Archie and Lilibet were still in King Charles’ will? 

A Royal rumor picking up traction right now on Reddit and social media is Prince Harry was afraid King Charles was going to pass away and wanted to make sure he hadn’t been dropped from his father’s personal will.

Prince Harry Has No Shame

One could argue that there’s no way Prince Harry really had the audacity to rush his father upon his release from the hospital to question him about his will and testament. 

The Duke of Sussex did have the audacity to release “Spare,” so anything is possible.  And, it does explain why the Royals were so quick to send Prince Harry packing. 

If Prince Harry is concerned about his children getting left out of his father’s will, that might explain his sudden desire to take them to the Palace to spend time with the Royals.

Do you think King Charles’ will is the real reason Prince Harry raced to London?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Royal Family news!

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