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Is Prince Harry Charging For King Charles Cancer Interviews

Prince Harry flew to London last week for a 45 minute meeting with King Charles after learning he had been diagnosed with cancer.

The trip was short and the meeting was even shorter, but that didn’t stop the Duke of Sussex from booking a Good Morning America interview once he returned to California.

Is Prince Harry getting paid to talk about his father’s cancer? Royal Family critics thinks so, and they are disgusted.

King Charles Cancer News

The Palace released an official statement regarding King Charles’ cancer diagnosis and an official statement regarding Kate Middleton’s hospitalization. 

Is Prince Harry Charging For King Charles Cancer Interviews

That’s all we are going to get from the Royals regarding their family’s medical issues, and in all fairness that’s way more details than Buckingham usually releases. 

The Royals don’t use social media accounts, give interviews, or write their own memoirs. BUT, Prince Harry does!

How convenient is it that Prince Harry decided to visit his family NOW, when the media is desperate for any new details or information about the King’s cancer?

You can only imagine the bidding war that ensued over Prince Harry after he jetted to the UK, because we all know how much he likes to talk to the media. Now, Royal critics are dying to know how much Good Morning America paid Harry for his Friday interview.

Prince Harry Sings Like A Canary

Regardless of how much Prince Harry’s Good Morning America check was, it’s safe to say it would have only been half that if it didn’t come on the heels of King Charles’ cancer news. 

No matter how you spin it, Prince Harry is making money off his father’s illness.  Maybe he had the best of intentions when he travelled to London, and then the GMA interview fell in his lap.  Or maybe he traveled to London just so he could book the interview?

Do you think Prince Harry was wrong to go on GMA and talk about his father’s illness?  Should he have waited a few weeks or scrapped the interview all together?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Prince Harry news and updates.

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