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Duchess And Duke Of Sussex Fake ‘Meghan And Harry Show,’ Kate Middleton Reacts!

Kate Middleton has decided to deal with her war against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the best possible way, according to royal family experts. And that means using a wise tactic that has succeeded in maintaining her dignity.

Find out the smart strategy that Princess Kate chose to battle Harry and Meghan. And learn what royal experts shared about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex staged the “Harry and Meghan show” at the Invictus games below.

Kate Middleton ‘Fighting’ Harry And Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not realize it. But Kate Middleton has chosen to battle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with what royal experts view as a wise strategy.

And those experts revealed via the Mirror that Princess Kate has escalated her war.

Duchess And Duke Of Sussex Fake ‘Meghan And Harry Show,’ Kate Middleton Reacts!

However, insiders noted that her feud with Harry and Meghan got fueled amid the Duchess and Duke of Sussex’s spotlight resulting from the Invictus Games. The couple made a point of posing for photographers in ways that showed their affection, getting handsy as they locked eyes.

But after supporting the Invictus Games in the past, the royal family remained silent about the event. And instead Kate stepped out for several public appearances. Fans noted that Kate looked glamorous in a new hairdo. And royal expert Duncan Larcombe praised her for “fighting back in the only way she can.”

Prince Harry Enjoys His Spotlight

Because the Invictus Games represent a “big deal for Harry,” Larcombe feels that Kate chose the right strategy in staying silent about it. “It’s one of the biggest things he does,” pointed out the royal expert. “And Kate just had to grin and bear the fact it’s the Harry and Meghan show while it’s on.”

However, Larcombe noted that Kate’s method of coping with “anything they are up to is just to keep a dignified silence and carry on. It’s worked very well for her and William so far. Slow and steady wins the race.”

But even before Harry and Meghan married, Kate encountered challenges. For instance, Harry wrote in his bombshell memoir Spare about the feud resulting over a bridesmaid dress. And the Duke of Sussex described Meghan as coping prior to the wedding over problems with Princess Charlotte’s dress. 

Meghan at the time also dealt with challenges over her father, Thomas Markle. And Harry claimed that the drama left his now-wife “sobbing on the floor.” The Duke of Sussex alleged that Kate rejected Meghan’s suggestion of taking Charlotte’s frock to a tailor at Kensington Palace. And he claimed that Kate demanded that tailors change all the dresses. But Harry’s version also includes Kate demanding an apology from Meghan.

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