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Prince Harry Sabotaged By Kate Middleton And Prince William: Here’s How!

Royal family news and updates reveal that yet another family clash occurred. And this time, it involves Kate Middleton and Prince William on one side and Prince Harry on the other.

For years, Harry and Meghan have faced accusations of sabotaging the other couple. But now the situation just got reversed. Keep reading for the details on how Kate and William managed to torpedo Harry. 

Kate Middleton, William Torpedo Harry’s Invictus Games Launch

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have developed a reputation for ruining Prince William and Kate Middleton’s projects.

For instance, when William planned a huge event for his charity Earthshot, Meghan and Harry stole the spotlight with the trailer for their new show Harry & Meghan, pointed out the Daily Beast.

Prince Harry Sabotaged By Kate Middleton And Prince William: Here's How!

And Meghan timed the release of her “Are You OK?” interview to the day of Kate launching a tour of Pakistan. But this week, just minutes before William and Kate’s scheduled laying of a wreath for Queen Elizabeth on the anniversary of her death, Harry slipped in and paid tribute to his grandmother by visiting her burial place in Windsor. And he managed to upstage Kate and William.

However, the Prince and Princess of Wales decided that their time had come to play their own game of sabotage. And so Kate and William stole the spotlight from Harry’s launch of the Invictus Games with a perfectly timed podcast featuring them and Princess Anne.

Prince Harry Got Final Chance To Relaunch Brand

For the past few years, Harry has worked on his Invictus launch. And in his speech at the opening ceremony in Germany, the Duke of Sussex declared, “This year’s Games is a Home for Respect. Think about that word for a second. Respect.”

Harry pointed out that “some people may act as if respect is something veterans are asking for; that people with injuries—whether visible or invisible—have to demonstrate they are worthy of it.” But he continued, “These games are not solely about medals, PBs or finishing lines—they are about overcoming any and all perceptions that have held you back, especially those you’ve placed on yourselves. Because all of this, all of us—are here because of you.”

Experts viewed the launch as a key time for Harry, with the game opening representing the start of an opportunity to relaunch his brand. But just hours ahead of that launch, Kate and William stole the royal spotlight.

Kate And William Steal Spotlight From Harry

And in their podcast, William and Kate made headlines by talking with Anne, her son-in-law, Mike Tindall, and two other hosts for Mike’s sports podcast, The Good, The Bad and The Rugby. Because William serves as the patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, Kate as patron of the English version and Anne as patron of the Scottish Rugby Union, the podcast supported the beginning of the Rugby World Cup in France.

And coverage for Kate and William outdid the launch of the Invictus Games. For instance, photos went viral showing Kate appearing in Marseille at England’s first game of the tournament. And it turned into a spotlight success for Kate and William after so many years of Harry humiliating them.

And the podcast won headlines, with William and Kate charming their audiences with their hour-long video chat. Posted on YouTube (see below), the podcast easily drew attention away from Harry. And Kate and William’s clever PR team won kudos for it.

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Kate and William upstaging Harry? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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