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Family News: Sinead O’Connor’s Surprising Email To Piers Morgan About Meghan Markle

British royal family news reveals the sad news that singer Sinead O’Connor passed away on July 26, 2023. She was a controversial figure known for speaking her mind, and her career tanked after she ripped up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live.

Her outspokenness was what her fans loved about her and in the wake of her death several stories about her raw and blunt way of speaking emerged. One of them is NSFW and we’re going to clean it up, but we definitely think you’ll want to read about what O’Connor said about Meghan Markle.

Royal News: Sinead O’Connor’s Rude Comment About Meghan Markle

According to Snopes, in 2022 an email between Sinead O’Connor and Piers Morgan first made the rounds. Morgan had asked to the singer to appear on his program after her son, Shane O’Connor, died in January 2022.

Family News: Sinead O'Connor’s Surprising Email To Piers Morgan About Meghan Markle

Royal Family News: Sinead O’Connor

O’Connor turned him down in part because of “criticism against Morgan for his angry and critical comments about Meghan Markle. The outlet reported that her email was blunt:

“I think it’s best I don’t do your show because of the irresistible temptation I would have to point out that you’re dying to be b**** deep in Meghan Markle so bad it’s driven you crazy, and that your dislike for Prince Harry is down to his being b**** deep in her ten times a day. It being the case that if you were ever to get near her, which would never happen, you’d last ten seconds: and that would be that for ten days.” The outlet pointed out that “numerous reputable media outlets reported it was indeed an account managed by O’Conner herself.”

Royal Family News: Sinead O’Connor and Meghan Markle

Snopes added that “Before her death, O’Connor shared a screenshot of the email herself via an old Twitter account, @OhSineady, writing on March 26, 2022, Piers Morgan’s been trying to get me on his breakfast show since Shaney died. Here’s what I emailed him in response: Hopefully you’ll chortle your tea out your nose.”

Royal Family News: Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle

Morgan’s tweet to Sinead showed off his sense of humor: “a delight to hear from you and I did indeed chortle my tea out of my nose. Three things..a) I haven’t hosted a breakfast show for a year. b) I actually fancy you, not Meghan. Think it’s the GI Jane hair thing. c) I was so sorry about your son. Hope you’re OK.”

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