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Here’s Why Meghan Markle Shut Down Her Secret Instagram Account

Here’s Why Meghan Markle Shut Down Her Secret Instagram AccountMeghan Markle might have shut down her ‘official’ social media accounts just before she and Prince Harry announced their engagement back in 2017, but apparently the former Hollywood actress also had a secret Instagram account that she didn’t tell anyone about until recently. As a matter of fact, there are new reports that claim the Duchess of Sussex was still keeping up with all of the latest Instagram trends on a different account up until last Christmas.

Apparently, Meghan had a secret account so she could keep up with her friends from across the pond. She didn’t post anything herself but there were some online trolls that supposedly left her harsh and ‘vile’ comments. Feeling both isolated and alone, Meghan decided to close down her profile in order to “protect her mental health,” according to Cosmopolitan.

Meghan isn’t the only member of the British royal family to have had a private Instagram account. Back in 2012 it was reported that her husband Prince Harry also had his own account under the name of ‘Spike Wells.’ Harry was forced to delete his account as well in the wake of the Las Vegas drama that surrounded the naked photos of him while he was partying at a luxury hotel. He also had a Facebook account under that same name with about 400 friends.

So far Kensington Palace has not made any comments about Meghan Markle’s supposed secret Instagram account, although it wouldn’t be surprising if she did have one. After all, the Duchess used to love sharing behind-the-scenes photos of her life when she was still an actress living in both Los Angeles and Toronto. Meghan also had her own lifestyle blog, The Tig.

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  1. Guest says

    There is a heavy price to be paid for status and fame, especially for high profile people as those in the Royal Family. Of course, they also have many perks that we mere mortals do not have. However, I would not ever trade my life for theirs. I like my privacy.

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