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If Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Lived In Africa Like The Queen Wanted Could Megxit Have Been Avoided?

 Prince Harry And Meghan MarkleRobert Lacey’s book on the royal family, mainly Prince Harry and Prince William, Battle of Brothers, is being excerpted by The Daily Mail and it’s raising all sorts of questions and second guesses about the way the royal family operates and treats its own.

For instance, Lacey proposes that Harry’s family could have treated him better, raising the specter that Megxit may not have been inevitable if things had gone differently.

We’ll never know what would have been if Harry had taken his family’s suggestions to slow his courtship of Meghan Markle down, but for her part, the queen offered a once in a lifetime suggestion that Harry flatly rejected.

Robert Lacey Is A Distinguished Royal Historian And Adviser To The Crown

At one point Meghan toiled night and day working for free for British Vogue. This was followed up by a period of relative inaction, when from January to July 2019, “the Court Circular showed the Duchess of Sussex carrying out just 22 royal engagements, less than one per week — though this period did include Meghan’s maternity leave, along with a three-day tour to Morocco with Harry.”

Still, her lack of effort for the British Royal Family was in stark contrast to how she willingly plied her trade for Vogue.

The queen had always held tight to her memories of, “her ‘Malta Moments’ between 1949 and 1951 when Philip was serving as a naval officer on the Mediterranean island and she would fly out to stay with him.”

“In Malta, Elizabeth had tasted ‘normal’ life as a young naval officer’s wife, not a king’s daughter. It had set her up well to come back home and do her duty.”

The queen thought that Harry and Meghan might have a similar experience in South Africa since, “Their relationship had taken flower in Africa after all, so maybe it, or somewhere else in the Commonwealth, might provide their next step. Johannesburg could be their Malta.”

Prince Harry Has Shown His Unwillingness To Listen To His Family About His Personal Life

The couple never made it back to Africa for an extended stay that might have influenced the trajectory of his relationship with Meghan and his family. Instead, the couple became more and more disgruntled with the pampered life of privilege they lived at the expense of the UK taxpayer.

As if they had no choice, something that Harry has disingenuously claimed, they dumped their royal roles for a life away from the monarchy and in so doing plunged the institution into chaos. Could a sojourn to South Africa have made all the difference?

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    Harry is a man-child who better grow up if he's going to raise a stable kid.

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