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Kate Middleton Rolling Her Eyes At Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton Rolling Her Eyes At Meghan MarkleThere’s only so much hypocrisy that she can take. There’s a new report that suggests Kate Middleton is rolling her eyes at Meghan Markle.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Rolling Her Eyes At Meghan Markle

That’s because of all the reports that suggest the Duchess of Sussex is crying in despair that nothing is working out in her life right now. As many royal fans are aware of, her lifestyle brand has failed to launch.

Yet, it’s Kate Middleton who is currently dealing with her cancer battle and has much bigger problems that she is dealing with right now. But for some reason, Meghan is making everything about her. 

Then again, the Princess of Wales never really had a reason to like Prince Harry’s wife to begin with. From the start, she knew that  the former Hollywood actress was someone who was just focused on herself and what she could get out of the royal family.

That, and Meghan Markle is someone who clearly loves the spotlight. Kate Middleton is just not that girl. She would rather do her job, attend her royal engagements, and go home and take care of her family.

Royal Family News – Is Meghan Markle Going A Little Too Far?

But the Queen of England just can’t help but roll her eyes each time she hears stories about how Meghan is crying and throwing fits behind closed doors because nothing is working her way.

It’s not like she has cancer, three children to take care of and is feeling all the weight of the world on her shoulders as the future queen of England. But Meghan Markle feels as though she should be getting just as much attention and adoration simply because she married a prince as well.

But for Meghan, it’s all about her. And that’s one thing that Kate simply can’t stand about her estranged sister-in-law. Yet Kate knows that’s how Meghan simply operates. She loves being the center of attention.

So far Kate Middleton herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. C.Aiken says

    Kate never liked Meghan from moment she met her because of her mixed race. Kate is the one that was worried about color of her niece and nephew in the beginning. Jealous of how Harry loves his wife and her husband is cold like his father and grandmother. Harry is warm and loving like his mom.

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