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Donald Trump’s Relationship With His Son Barron Is Raising Eyebrows For These Reasons

Donald Trump's Relationship With His Son Barron Is Raising Eyebrows For These ReasonsDonald Trump and Melania Trump’s only child Barron Trump turned 18 this year. Not much is known about the teen which only fuels public curiosity: The tall and handsome offspring is a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery.

Here are some fascinating things we do know about Barron especially as they relate to his famous dad!

Barron Trump Is An Enigma

It’s been reported that Donald is jelly about Barron’s reported 6’7” height. Barron stands out in a crowd and next to his father, who is not short at 6’3” tall. The Donald’s other sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., are also tall, both being over 6 feet.

However, it’s Barron who wins. Pundit Michael Wolff stated in his book Siege: Trump Under Fire, that Donald just doesn’t like not being the tallest man in the room!

Barron And Donald Trump Love Each Other

This year body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that Barron isn’t at ease around Donald, at least not as much as he is with his mom: “Barron is growing into his height now, and his confidence signals are increasing although we can see two different body language states when he accompanies his mother versus when he is with his father.”

She added for emphasis: “When Barron is with his father … signals of some awkwardness increase.”

Barron Trump Isn’t A Fan Of His Dad’s Music

According to The Mirror, Barron is not a fan of his dad’s musical taste. Vincent Oshana, a visitor at Mar-a-Lago, once remarked: “All of a sudden the music just comes on loud. We’re like, ‘What the h*** is that?’” Barron reportedly replied “My freaking dad’s the DJ.” And, Barron allegedly told the guests that the whole house shakes when his dad plays his music!

Barron Trump Declined A VIP Invite

Lastly, Barron Trump chose not to nominate his father as the 2024 presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in July. It was reported that he would do so, but then the statement was retracted.

There’s no way of knowing for sure what goes on behind the scenes at the Trump home, but it sounds like there’s never a dull moment when it comes to this famous family!

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