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Kate Middleton Shivers At Meghan Markle’s Name, Will Never Trust Harry

Kate Middleton might rank as the most intelligent member of the royal family. And that assessment comes from a new report revealing that Princess Kate never liked Meghan.

As a result, Kate protected herself. But the princess reportedly can’t resist shivering just at the mere mention of Meghan’s name. Keep reading to learn more.

Kate Middleton Shudders At Meghan Markle’s Name

Omid Scobie has made headlines with his highly controversial new book Endgame. And in it, the author describes Kate Middleton’s extremely guarded behavior around Meghan Markle.

For instance, Kate “jokingly shivers” when she hears Meghan Markle’s name mentioned, claims Scobie via Page Six.

Kate Middleton Shivers At Meghan Markle’s Name, Will Never Trust Harry

And the author adds, “Kate has learned what is paramount for survival in the system: vanishing into your role, giving away nothing, and allowing yourself to embody what the public sees in you.” And after taking “elocution lessons, the Princess of Wales even sounds a bit like her former boss [Queen Elizabeth]: polished, regal, and appropriately distant.”

However, Scobie noted that Meghan and Kate felt the impact of Prince Harry and Prince William’s shredded relationship.

But the Princess of Wales protected herself from the Duchess of Sussex by behaving in a “cold” way, claim insiders. As a result, Scobie claims that Meghan and Kate exchanged “almost zero direct communication since late 2019.”

Kate Middleton Will Never Reconcile With Meghan Markle

And even before the Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex exited Britain in 2020 after stepping down from their royal family duties, Kate avoided Meghan. But ironically, the release of the book comes just as Prince Harry and the former Suits actress want to set out on a reconciliation and apology tour to get back into the royal family.

And an insider revealed that currently, “Harry and Meghan are meant to be on their reconciliation tour.” But it seems doubtful that Kate will give in. And for the Princess of Wales, there is “no going back” in the disintegration of her relationship with the Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex, claims Scobie.

“She was close to Harry,” added an insider about Kate. “And she will always look back fondly on those moments… and the relationship he had with their children. But to her there is no way she could ever trust them after all their interviews,” noted the source about Kate’s feelings toward both Harry and Meghan.

And Scobie has reigned as an ally of the Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex. For instance, he claims that Meghan called him on his cell phone when he was being harassed online in 2019.

But because he sides with Meghan and Harry, some think that Scobie uses his book to attack Kate and William.

For instance, one chapter describes the making of Princess Kate, alleging that she underwent elocution lessons to try to sound like the late Queen Elizabeth And Scobie also claims that Kate never supported Meghan.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Kate Middleton seems wise in never wanting to befriend Meghan Markle? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Janie says

    I think Catherine was smart enough to not buy into Meghan’s game. William knew to what Meghan was all about. Too bad Harry wouldn’t listen to anyone who tried to get him to slow down and get to know her.

    I think Meghan and Harry have made their beds and they need to leave the RF alone and let them get on with their lives. William and Catherine have 3 children to raise and very busy lives, they don’t have time for these two’s foolishness!

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