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Meghan Markle Uses Prince Harry As Pawn In Fame Game

Meghan Markle feels desperate for attention, claims an expert in a new report. And in order to keep that spotlight on her, the Duchess of Sussex even manipulated both King Charles and Prince Harry recently. 

Find out how a public relations expert analyzed Meghan. And keep reading to learn how the Duchess of Sussex used Charles and Harry as pawns in her quest for fame.

Meghan Markle – Craves ‘Constant Recognition’

The Duchess of Sussex recently appeared at the Variety Power of Women event. And that sparked rumors that Meghan Markle has planned a TV comeback.

But public relations guru Mark Borkowski explained via the Post that the 42-year-old sees such appearances as a way to hold onto attention.

Meghan Markle Uses Prince Harry As Pawn In Fame Game

And the PR guru called it “a tactic.” But he noted that it “underlines this constant need for recognition and more importantly, connection to fundraising activities.” And Borkowski pointed out that Meghan used the opportunity to hold onto the spotlight. But  not everyone qualifies as a fan.

“There was a lot of sympathy for the Sussexes when they first arrived in the States, but they have squandered that goodwill. Americans don’t like whingers.

We like a can-do attitude, and that’s what Meghan demonstrated last week. She hit that red carpet like the pro she is and she worked the room,” observed publicity expert Eric Schiffer. “I’m convinced that this is about positioning her as an independent, powerful woman who exists in her own right, not just as someone who is famous for marrying a prince.”

Meghan Markle – Manipulates Both Harry And Charles

And now a new report hints that Meghan turned King Charles and Prince Harry into pawns in her fame game. The Duchess of Sussex seemingly manipulated father and son to turn the spotlight on herself. And the ploy began with a phone call. 

Prince Harry had called his father to wish him happy birthday. And then Meghan dominated and took over the call, exchanging “awkward pleasantries” with King Charles, per the Mirror. However, insiders reveal that the Duchess of Sussex took that action out of desperation to get a foot in the Palace door again.

And Meghan reportedly has pleaded with Prince Harry to find a way to end the royal feud. But after the Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex went for a scorched earth approach, repeatedly slamming the royal family, can Harry really find a way to persuade his family to forgive and forget? 

Tell us what you think. Based on what you know, do you feel that Meghan craves constant attention? And how do you feel about her exploiting that phone call to King Charles to steal the spotlight? After you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

  1. K says

    #MeghanMarkle is an egomaniacal energy vampire in my opinion. She sucks all the air and energy out of every room she enters. Stay home MM. just say no #KingCharles.

  2. C says

    Megan makes sure the press catches her moments on her terms, no surprises here. What makes you think she cares one bit about King Charles, when she hates her own father, the King is just someone else to manipulate for her own gain.

  3. Cathy says

    She is an attention whore!!! She only cares about herself!! She complains to Harry “poor me nobody likes me, they used my race against me” She is full of herself!! I wish Harry would have chosen someone from his county!

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