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Kate Middleton Will Never Speak to Prince Harry Because Of This Accusation That He Made

Kate Middleton may never speak to her brother-in-law Prince Harry because of this one accusation that he made in his book, Spare. Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know.

Kate Middleton Will Never Speak To Prince Harry Because Of This Accusation That He Made

According to royal author Tom Bower, who often has something or another to say about the British Royal Family, says there’s a very good chance that the future queen of England may never speak to her brother-in-law again because he told the world that Prince William had assaulted him.

For Kate, that just crosses the line because whatever happens behind closed doors at Kensington Palace stays behind closed doors, obviously.

Kate Middleton

Bower puts it this way, I interviewed people that worked for Harry and Meghan when they were in England. I also interviewed people that worked for Kate and William. They say that privately there’s a lot more anger than there is publicly,” while also adding, “William and Kate are especially furious about the accusation that William physically assaulted Harry.”

The royal author also added, “Brothers fight all the time. They get on really well at the same time. William is really angry about the whole idea that these difficulties should be aired in public.”

Apparently, the fight began when Prince William paid Harry a visit back in 2019 and began accusing Meghan Markle of being difficult, rude and abrasive.

Words were exchanged and before he knew it, Prince Harry had landed in the dog bowel on the kitchen floor after Prince William took a swing at him.

Harry also said that William ended up breaking one of his favorite necklaces while he was at it, too. 

Kate Middleton Is Still Angry Over ‘Spare’

While no one knows exactly what went down during that fight, Kate Middleton believes that it shouldn’t have been told regardless of what the truth may be. That’s because it’s not the public’s business to know.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter. But whether or not Kate will really ignore Harry for the rest of her life remains to be seen, too. So far she’s managed to do it for nearly three years. 

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  1. Martha says

    Harry can no longer be trusted! He just wants the perks of monarchy life without having to do any work. Do what you want with Harry but Meghan must stay away from the children of William and Catherine.

  2. Sam says

    Grow up.

  3. Nafine says

    That is what the problem is with the royals, everything is a big secret!! Nobody is perfect not even Prince William even if he thinks so. Get over it!@

    1. Petal says

      Well he didnt write a book about it….with most families what happens in a family stays in a family!

  4. Sherrie neri says

    It’s not any of our business what we think. Kate and William are wise. I’ll leave it there.

  5. Rosemarie Coffey says

    Kate, lacks class, to hold a grudge is just so rude, and childish, which shows that she lacks forgiveness, which is just so unkind. If she holds grudges that easily, over something this trivial, she may die as a very lonely old lady. Just plain sad! Instead Kate should be hoping for the entire family to be reunited, but forgiveness is the upmost importance. Also, if we cannot forgive, then we will not be forgiven our trespasses from God.

    1. Joan says

      Oh, I thought you were going to refer to Meghan and her father, and the rest of her family, when you talked about grudges and forgiveness! My bad.

  6. Nadia says

    Poor didums. Both Will and Kate have a lot of angry of the fact they were outed for their bad behavior. Boo hoo.

  7. Susan Weissinger says

    Yes the selfish Kate, was the paps after her? Was she in charge of William? How childish she is! And she will someday be the what? Grow up Kate, tell your hubby to behave! His brother has been through much more hate than “Willy boy”. The two of you is why this king and queen junk needs to end then “Willy and you can get the treatment that (the “Spare” has received from you darn Britts! The Monarch is not your place Kate nor the Kings! Times have changed, your no longer needed. You all are jealous of Harry. He is better than the three of you! Poor Kate

  8. Maryjane says

    This is another ridiculous article. I agree with Kate, what happens in families stays in the family. Harry and Megan are both spoiled brats who have no talent, and absolutely no work ethic. Harry wants to make money off his family by telling crummy stories about them. H and M will never be a part of the family again because they cannot be trusted .

  9. Deborah says

    Too all of you anti Kate fans..Kate Middleton is very classy and it what the royal family needs to stay in line..she is the biggest asset to the royal family since princess diana…so you need to take a look at yourself before you go and say such terrible things about her..shes got more responsibilities then I’m sure any òf you running your mouths have or ever will have..shes a very graceful, beautiful, responsible and very classy women..all of you are just jealous of what she has you you dont (personality good looks kindness and shes going to be the next QUEEN.) So before you go saying bad things about her maybe you need too stop and look at yourself first

  10. carolyn allen says

    Catherine is very much a nice person its a shame for anyone to say anything negative about her.

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