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King Charles And Prince William Are Being Called ‘Hypocrites’ For This Reason

Maybe they should just stick with being monarchs and ruling the monarchy. There’s a new report that says both King Charles and Prince William are being dubbed as hypocrites for their latest move.

Apparently, the royals want to build their own ideal town in Kent, but Head of the Republic Graham Smith doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – King Charles And Prince William Are Being Called ‘Hypocrites’ For This Reason

According to new reports, King Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall wants to construct 2,500 residences on over 320 acres of farmland in Kent.

King Charles And Prince William Are Being Called ‘Hypocrites’ For This Reason

However, the King of England has being accused of swallowing up historic villages into one urban mass.” A lot of critics just don’t think this is a good idea, including Smith himself.

Smith put it this way in a new interview with GB News, “It’s a bit odd to say that this is part of his vision as an environmentalist when he’s building on farmland. He is building on farmland against the wishes of the people who already live in the area. I should also point out it’s no longer him doing it this is William’s project and no it’s the Duchy of Cornwall’s project.”

Royal Family News – Is King Charles Doing The Wrong Thing?

Smith also pointed out that while King Charles and Prince William might think themselves as environmentalists, they just look like huge hypocrites in this matter. 

He continued, “William took that over when Charles became King, but like his father, he pretends to be an environmentalist. Both of them are incredible hypocrites on the environment. They have a huge carbon footprint. They fly everywhere by helicopter. And it’s all for show.”

Smith also said, “I’m sure that they believe they’re sincere, but they seem to think that all these things don’t apply to them that they can go on living with their huge carbon footprint lifestyle whilst lecturing everybody else.”

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