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King Charles and Princess Kate Fighting for Survival While Roasted by Selfish Royal Fans

British royal family news discloses that King Charles and Princess Catherine are both fighting unexpected cancer battles following surgeries in January thought to be unrelated to their current conditions.

In February the palace announced that the monarch is in treatment for cancer, and this month Kate Middleton released an emotional video in which she revealed that she is receiving preventative chemotherapy.

Every family knows what it’s like for a loved one to be diagnosed with a life-threatening disease: it sucks the breath away and feelings of dread and anxiety rush into the void.

King Charles and Princess Kate Fighting for Survival While Roasted by Selfish Royal Fans

The royal family is no doubt apprehensive, confronting painful fears as two of its beloved members (who are the most popular as well) face what could be the fight of, and for, their lives.

At the same time that a public family tries to fight an intensely private medical battle, selfish actors have floated despicable conspiracy theories and mocked Kate in particular. Here we break down this historic moment in royal history.

The Royal Family is Fighting For Survival

Charles and Kate underwent prostate and “abdominal” surgeries, respectively, in January. There was no reason to believe that the royals would not mend and be back to public duties in time. It hasn’t turned out that way.

Charles announced in January that he is fighting cancer, and this month it was revealed that Kate is receiving preventative chemotherapy. Normal people would react with respect and support for the king and future queen. But fandoms don’t always act normally.

Royal Fans Roasting Kate and Charles

InTouch has published a jaw dropping article, based on information from an anonymous source, that Charles has been given just two years to live. The outlet claimed that it is an open secret that Charles’ condition is much more dire than the palace has admitted. How is this helpful to the royal family?

Selfish Fans Stirring Controversy

Even worse has been the abuse hurled at Kate, a mother of three young children. Before her stunning announcement, celebrities in particular roasted the princess for being sick. Kim Kardashian and her enhancements mocked Kate on social media posting that she was going to “look for” the absent princess.

Stephen Colbert and others said distasteful things that fueled death conspiracy theories online. None of this is helpful or warranted. We have to wonder, what do celebrities and selfish fans gain from such cruelness? Tell us your take on this unprecedented situation besetting the royal family.

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