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King Charles’ Cancer Is Worse Than He Thinks?

The palace might not be telling the truth and nothing but the truth. There’s a new report that suggests King Charles’ cancer might be worse than he thinks.

Even though he is still making public appearances and trying to do his best to attend as many royal engagements as possible, there’s a new report that suggests the King of England might want to slow it down, especially since it doesn’t look like time is on his side. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

King Charles’ – Cancer Is Worse Than He Thinks?

According to In Touch Weekly, Buckingham palace is apparently preparing for Operation London Bridge, as King Charles’ funeral plans have been set in place amid his supposed battle with pancreatic cancer.

King Charles’ Cancer Is Worse Than He Thinks?

While no one knows if that is the cancer King Charles is definitely dealing with, royal staffers are not wasting their time and have already confirmed his final resting plans. 

One source close to the situation even said,King Charles is much sicker than the palace lets on and simply isn’t up to the job of running his fractious family, the crown’s business interests and fulfilling the daily duties of the monarchy. His cancer is eating him alive. He’s very frail. The situation is desperate.”

Another insider said that King Charles is having a hard time dealing with the truth as reality hasn’t set in for him yet.

But that hasn’t stopped any of his handlers from doing their job and just in case he dies sooner than expected. And that might even be before the end of the year.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For King Charles?

The tipster even said that when it comes to King Charles’ funeral plans, “It will have all the pomp and circumstance befitting a British monarch.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter, but we will definitely update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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  1. Virginia OSullivan says

    It really is a shame – – and we all care!!
    However time will tell – – Good luck to us all❤️

  2. Jennifer says

    Pancreatic cancer is aggressive and patients usually live only a few months at best after diagnoses. It is very likely poor Charles doesn’t have long. He needs to bring Prince William up to speed post haste concerning the state of all things related to his job as king.

    1. Brenda says

      Willie boy will be a horrid king, nothing like his father or his grandmother! Willie is an arrogant person who only cares about his wants and needs. I believe Kate’s health problems are related to William always putting demands on her creating undue stress.

  3. Phyllis says

    Brenda, o gong your comments to be unnecessarily opinionated and quite ignorant! Charles 111 is an excellent person who has worked hard for the late Queen and now is doing his best despite being treated for a very dangerous cancer! He has battled for decades about the environment and was the best Prince in history. Where does your obvious hatred stem from? It is my belief that you have an attention seeking disorder, and like to shock in order to achieve some notoriety! Your writing shows you to be delusional and without empathy nor compassion!

  4. noellastober says

    Pancreatic cancer is horrible. It causes death faster than other cancers and it is very painful. It is a sad situation that King Charles is facing. All the public can do is pray and pray, as they are doing Hopefully Kate is getting better from her treatment but we have no idea what kind of cancer she is battling also. Such a shame as things were starting to come together nicely for the royals. Harry and Meghan have thrown the wrench into if all by acting the way they do and it does not seem like Meghan is getting any better. If she really is as bad as they make her out to be this is so bad.. Only the family really knows and maybe not even them. I personally think M is really evil and snakey I just pray all works out for them and also give Charles more time so he can step down if necessary and go out like a real King instead of having to work himself to death God bless them all

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