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King Charles Coronation Critics: Go Big Or Can It


King Charles assumed the role of the monarch after his mom, Queen Elizabeth passed away. Of course, as she ruled for longer than most people have been alive, there was a big ceremony, and millions of people watched it all go down.

For some time now, her son has talked about cutting back on working royals Now, he reportedly wants a smaller coronation than in the past. But, is he reading the mood of the country correctly? Some critics claim if he won’t go big then he should just get in a priest and a few witnesses and get it done privately. 

King Charles III Coronation Delayed

Big events cost a lot of cash, and even a scaled-back coronation could take plenty of arrangements with security. Perhaps that’s why the event has reportedly been moved to the summer. In about eight months’ time, the new monarch and Camilla-Parker-Bowles will once carry out the royal tradition of the coronation. Bear in mind, very few people were around for the last coronation that happened about 70 years ago. So, interest might be high amongst fans of the royal family. 

Unfortunately, it seems that King Charles isn’t as popular as his mother was. Not to mention that a growing number of people express anger that the royals exist at all. These days, pomp and ceremony seem elitist to many folks. Additionally, people already struggle with the economic fallout of covid and Ukraine. So, you might assume that people don’t care about a coronation. But, it seems that even those folks who don’t want a monarch think he should go big or just can the whole thing. 

King Charles Misses An Opportunity?

The Daily Mail UK reported that the coronation is going to be much smaller than I’m the past. The outlet also noted that “Historians fear [a] smaller coronation would ‘waste [an] opportunity to advertise Britain on a global stage.” Well, some critics on Twitter wonder what they will have to advertise by the summer. After all, with the pound tanking and a probable miserable post-winter population, who really cares about the waning west?  

King Charles Coronation Critics Go Big Or Can It
Daily Mail / Twitter

King Charles possibly believes that the royal popularity will get kudos if he cuts back on spending while the country suffers. However, the mood on social media seems to be that if Britain doesn’t go big, then the whole thing is a waste of time. Actually, for a lot of people, it seems that watching the coronation is merely entertainment rather than anything sacred and relevant to the average person. 

Twitterati React 

The decision by King Charles III to go small was roasted in varying degrees on Twitter. @hixteration said, “there are some things that must be done in full or not at all.”

@Love_London_ agreed, saying, “British Coronation traditions should be continued as it becomes part of UK history and promotes UK abroad.”

More people support the idea of a big coronation. This comment is typical “True…. go big or don’t go at all…”

What are your thoughts about a slimmed-down coronation? Shout out in the comments below. 

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