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King Charles Encouraging Prince Harry To Return To The Royal Fold

You can’t blame him for trying. There’s a new report that says King Charles desperately wants to reconcile with his son Prince Harry amid his cancer battle.

Even though both Harry and Meghan Markle have said some pretty damaging things about the royal family in the past, King Charles wants to put all of that in the past and start over.

The King of England knows that time is simply not on his side and that’s why he wants to make the most of it. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – King Charles Encouraging Prince Harry To Return To The Royal Fold

According to a new report, King Charles is encouraging Prince Harry to return to the royal fold. That’s because his family needs him now more than ever before.

King Charles Encouraging Prince Harry To Return To The Royal Fold

With King Charles’ cancer diagnosis and Kate Middleton out of commission for the next several months due to her health problems, the royal family could sure use the ‘spare’ to the heir.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, [Charles] desperately wants to reconcile with Harry. His father personally telephoned him to inform him of his cancer diagnosis, [and] Harry jumped on the overnight flight from Los Angeles. The king would have been hugely relieved and comforted by the fact that Harry flew over,” adding that the meeting was “probably quite difficult for both of them. I think it’s absolutely fundamental and important and heals the rift.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

The fact that Prince Harry flew to London as fast as he did upon hearing the news that his father was in the hospital is a good sign that things are moving forward in their relationship.

Now, whether or not Prince Harry does end up returning to the royal fold remains to be seen. That would all depend on whether or not he and Meghan Markle are willing to pack their bags and move back to London.

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  1. Eljo says

    If the King truly wants Harry back, I hope he has Harry and his wife sign legal documents stating that they will never reveal anything that goes on in the monarchy behind closed doors. If either of them break this agreement they will lose their titles and will never allowed to be part of the monarchy. I also think that King Charles should sit down with his son Prince William and discuss this with him. After all William has stood by the King and been there for him through all the terrible things Harry and his wife has said a n d done to the King, Camille, William and Catherine.

  2. Bac says

    Harry only spent 15-30 minutes with the king. Harry was uninvited and unannounced. It was a publicity stunt that failed. He is desperate to make up with the royals because he is almost broke. I read somewhere that Harry is going back with his children. Maybe this time he will schedule the trip with the king.

  3. Sharon says

    1. Hoping Harry and Charles can talk things out between them and move forward.
    2. William will NEVER be Harry’s brother again! He’s too stubborn and won’t admit His Own Wrong about Harry and Meagan!
    3. William and Kate are to blame, as well as Camilla and the granddad and grandmother! This family has always pushed Harry aside, the Spare! How they can live with themselves I don’t know! For being rich, they act like trash!
    Harry and Meagan are better off in the USA than to be among the hores and child molesters! OMG! The whole family is trash! STAY IN THE USA HARRY! KEEP YOUR WIFE AND KIDS SAFE FROM THE PERVERTS!!

  4. Karen says

    William needs to get rid of his egotistical attitude and would be power. He’s holding all this against his brother, because he not man enough to say that that’s all true that Harry wrote in his book. He will never admit his wrong doings. He’s a very stubborn person., which doesn’t hold well to be a self centered stubborn King. Harry has tried to reconcile with his brother, but stubborn Willy can’t bring himself to admit what Harry has revealed.. Can believe how bad of a king he will be. And being so Haitful to Harry. And all the grandchildren are in the middle of this mess. William needs to get off his pedestal he’s on at the moment, and love his brother. Life is short!

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