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King Charles Feels Disappointed By Prince Harry Again

King Charles Feels Disappointed By Prince Harry AgainAt this point, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone. There’s a new report that suggests King Charles once again feels disappointed by his son Prince Harry and his actions.

That’s because the King of England feels hurt that his son has officially renounced his British residency, as he doesn’t think it was necessary to take things so far. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – King Charles Feels Disappointed By Prince Harry Again

According to a new report, King Charles just doesn’t understand why Prince Harry would go to great lengths to tell the world that he doesn’t want to live in the UK anymore.

Instead, he’s made it clear that his one and only home is in California while also confirming to everyone that he has no plans to ever go back to his homeland. Or at least, that’s how it looks from the outside in.

For King Charles, he’s certainly heartbroken over this. Seeing how he is dealing with his cancer battle, he was hoping that Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and their two children would be spending more time in the UK.

That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, either. In fact, it seems like Harry and Meghan have been doing everything they can to avoid even traveling across the pond if they don’t have to.

King Charles – Was Hoping For Prince Harry To Come Back Home

Then again, there are some critics out there who think Prince Harry might have been pressured by his wife Meghan Markle to choose the United States as his official residency.

She’s sure that Prince Harry won’t try and run away back to the UK, as multiple reports have even suggested that he’s been looking to go back part-time.

Meghan wants to make sure that doesn’t happen on her watch. She’s also made it clear on her end that it’s either they live in California full-time or it’s nothing at all.

That was a pretty difficult choice for Prince Harry to make, especially since he’s got his royal family on one side of the world and his immediate family on the other.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Such a disappointment……Harry has always been a disappointment. Poor Princess Diana must be rolling over in her grave. Harry is an idiot to choose MM over his own father. Hopefully the US refuses his citizenship…..Maybe the will go back to Canada where someone likes them.

  2. Dan Bower says

    I think the King can blame King George III for loosing the North American Colonies by taxation without representation, Lexington and Concord, and other numerous mistakes in governance! If he weren’t so greedy the English could still have the colonies

  3. noellastober says

    MM is threatening him with divorce and him not gett ingt to see his kids any more This is her game because she is one hell of a bitch. IF H is that little of a man then he should stay with her on this side of the pond and live ou t their lives as two happy people They should get nothing ever from the ro yals and any money H would h ave gotten due to deaths, etc should go into a special account that H & M should nev er get their hands on and the kids should get it when they are mluch older around their thirties. H & M are ;looking for their big payoff day and get the surprise of their life. No money at all, just the big finger back like the one they have been handing out for years.

  4. ShanLee says

    So…..first, the Harry Haters say he better not have the nerve to return to England. He is not welcome here. Stay in California, and on and on. Now we have a false report that he is never going back and everyone is…how DARE he hurt his father by not coming back. What is it you want? By the way, none of this is true. But let’s pretend Charles is upset over this, assuming it is true, which it isn’t.. Perhaps he should have thought about this before the Firm canceled any protection for Harry and his family should they visit the UK. With all the hatred and vitriol out there, and the number of people who believe any negative gossip they hear, he is at huge risk, but the Royals are too busy sulking to care about his safety. I am a British citizen living in Canada at the moment, and I am disgusted at how the country has embraced tabloid reports and followed suit with the juicy made-up details of the situation. Especially because it is all speculation and not corroborated. It is rather embarrassing. I’m not sure I want to go back.

    1. Giovina says

      I certainly hope h and m loos their titles and all monies maybe to come from his father it’s a great shame the children will never know their cousins and in years to come l wonder what they will think of their parents Selfish jealous disrespectful liars $$$$$money hunters and immature So Harry has she threatened divorce so you will have to share the children such a shame you are hurting your father and family especially at this time. Your mum would be so hurt and saddened. Your choice but l think it’s a bad one !!!

  5. Deborah says

    ANOTHER point for Megan.. She’s managed to alienate the RF just like her family. Weather Harry ever wises up is yet to be seen.

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