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Johnny Depp Director Maïwenn Reveals What She Truly Thinks Of Him

Johnny Depp Director Maïwenn Reveals What She Truly Thinks Of Him
Johnny Depp’s return to the acting world came about because the French producer, director and actor Maïwenn wanted him for the part of King Louis XV in “Jeanne Du Barry.”

During the London premiere of the show, Depp revealed that he had asked Maïwenn to consider recasting his role to someone else, and now we’re just realizing that Maïwen may have wished she listened to him.

Maïwen On Why the “Jeanne Du Barry” Crew Were Afraid Of Johnny Depp

So what’s it like working with the great Johnny Depp, whose recent fall from the Hollywood A-list has been most riveting to watch? Maïwenn’s here with the answers.

In a new interview with The Independent, Maïwen, who plays the titular character Jeanne Du Barry, opened up about the kind of working conditions Depp set while they were shooting the French-language drama.

Maïwen played a sex worker in 18th century France, who later becomes mistress to King Louis XV, played by Depp.

“I have to be honest. It’s difficult to shoot with him,” she told The Independent when asked what directing the star was like.

“All the crew were scared because he has a different kind of humour and we didn’t know if he was going to be on time, or if he was going to be OK to say his lines,” she continued. “I mean, even if he was there on set, on time, the crew were afraid of him.”

In fact, Depp reportedly put in less work in the movie that some of his lines were cut, because either he didn’t say it right or he didn’t say it with the right accent.

“There was no time for rehearsals. I asked for time but, for whatever reason, he wasn’t available,” she said, adding, “He had a coach, but he couldn’t work with her beforehand. So. OK. I discovered his accent wasn’t perfect. So a few times I decided to cut his lines. But that also happened with the French actors. It happens!”

Maïwen Lays Bare Her Working Relationship With Johnny Depp Following “Jeanne Du Barry”

The press had a field day picking apart Depp’s latest movie. One critic called it, and I quote, “a sluggish eco disaster drama,” classifying it under “another forgettable Johnny Depp B-movie.”

Speaking on her working relationship with Depp, the French filmmaker revealed she couldn’t “communicate with him.”

“There’s been no normal relationship since the shoot,” she said. “Johnny for me is a huge genius but he’s in another world. I cannot communicate with him.”

However complicated their working relationship may be, their relationship prior to the movie had been pretty normal. “Before the shoot, me and Johnny were texting and talking on the phone. It was completely simple and natural.”

On the other hand, Depp has praised Maïwen for doing a beautiful job on set.

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