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King Charles Misses Prince Harry: Who Should Extend Olive Branch?

King Charles has struggled over his tense relationship with his son Prince Harry ever since the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle moved to the United States in 2020.

And the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death has made Charles think about how much he misses his son, say insiders.

But should Charles extend an olive branch to try to make peace? Or should the King leave that gesture up to his son? Find out what insiders revealed below.

King Charles Misses Prince Harry

Queen Elizabeth loved to gather her family together. And a year after her death, King Charles faces the reality of his rift with his son Prince Harry.

King Charles Misses Prince Harry: Who Should Extend Olive Branch?

Three years after Harry and Meghan left the U.K. for California, their relationship with the royal family remains tense.

But an insider told People that King Charles wishes that the rift didn’t exist. And he misses his “entertaining, warm and very loving” son, added the source. “And they had a great relationship.”

However, King Charles believes in “the compassionate rather than the disciplinarian style of family leadership,” shared royal biographer and Queen of Our Times author Robert Hardman.

And with that belief in compassion, Charles might find an answer to how to mend his rift with Harry.

Queen Elizabeth Knew How To Manage Her Family

But Queen Elizabeth became known for her skills in managing everything from political problems to family drama.

And the source pointed out that the Queen “managed to navigate these choppy waters. And that’s why she was always admired and loved,” added the insider. “Because she got the family through. [Charles] will have to show that he can do that.”

However, Queen Elizabeth played an especially important role in Harry’s life, shared another insider.

The Queen died at Balmoral Castle at age 96 on Sept. 8, 2022. And the resulting move of King Charles to the throne began a year filled with change for the royal family.

But as Harry plans to travel from California to the Invictus Games in Germany, insiders see no chances for a reunion with either King Charles or his brother Prince William.

And William feels that Harry betrayed him with his memoir, Spare, as well as his Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan.

Prince William And Harry Miss Queen Elizabeth

However, William tends to cope more privately with his emotions. And though the public drama decreased, both brothers feel “an enormous loss,” shared an insider.

Because the Queen “played a very important part in all of their lives,” William and Harry both still miss her.

But Queen Elizabeth did take a tough stance with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And she disagreed with the proposal that they could do some sort of part-time arrangement with the royal family work.

“There’s no [hemming] and hawing” with the royal family,” said Hardman. “It’s like, ‘Here are your options, and can we have an answer by Friday’?”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that King Charles should take the first step in finding a way to reconcile with Prince Harry?

And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Cheryle Sinclair says

    Call Harry and tell him. As a parent myself if I were in the same rabbit hole, i would meet with my son only and go somewhere just the 2 of yous and talk. Im sorry but Meghan has ruined Harry and he needs to get far away from her. I’m not from there never been there but justmake it father and son only, no one else, strip Meghan from everything, and get Harry back in the fold. Harry hasnt been allowed to think or breath for himself since hooking up with Meghan.

  2. Martha says

    Harry is wrong…wrong…wrong! He still needs to explain and apologize for the unforgivable fiasco of “the children” . Harry and Meghan are indespicable. They do such horrible antics and then they want to just drop the fact that it happened. It’s like…oh ha-ha…let’s just forget we lied about our fake children…it was just a joke! These two people are deranged! Seriously, they both need professional mental help!!! Get rid of Meghan!! Harry might be saved…but never to be trusted again!!!

  3. Sharon says

    King Charles is the Father and should never forget but forgive his son Harry. He has two Grandchildren with his this son and they deserve his acknowledgment and wisdom. Harry should be given back his Military Service and the two should talk like two intelligent grown men.
    Never bring the wife back she is unfortunately only a troublemaker. But as a King and leader of a country he
    Must bring his beautiful family back together and be at peace with each other.
    Respectfully someone who cares.

  4. Debby says

    KC is very foolish for constant goings on about Harry. Harry is either going to talk to his father or he isn’t. My vote is that Harry won’t.

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