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Queen Camilla Left A Royal Butler In Tears

Say what you will about a person like Camilla Parker Bowles, but she’s one royal who knows how to get the job done – and that’s not a bad thing to say at all.

There’s a new report that says King Charles’ wife recently left a royal butler in tears. That’s because the Queen of England showed a much different side to her personality.

But no, it’s not as bad as you might think it is. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Queen Camilla Left A Royal Butler In Tears

Royal Family News: Queen Camilla Left A Royal Butler In Tears

In a new interview with Slingo, former royal butler Grant Harrold admitted that he couldn’t hold back his tears when he witnessed Camilla Parker Bowles decorating a Christmas tree with dying children.

It was a moment that was so emotional that he actually had to leave the room in order to compose himself. And that’s something you often don’t see when it comes to the royal family.

Calling Camilla a “caring and compassionate lady,” Harrold said that it was a day he’ll never forget in his life.

He put it this way, I remember at Clarence House at Christmas, children that are sadly dying are invited to Clarence House to decorate the Christmas tree with her.

It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever been involved in. I had to leave the room because I was crying so much and she carried on doing it.”

Royal Family News: Queen Camilla Shows A Different Side To Her Character

The former butler continued, “That’s what I think was amazing. She had a tear in her eye but she still carried on doing it and it’s the same when she’s presenting medals to any service persons who came back from Afghanistan. Again I was finding it really upsetting hearing the stories and she was moved but able to carry on doing what she was doing, I think people want that. I think in carrying out the duties people have seen she’s a very kind, caring and compassionate lady first and foremost.”

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  1. Pat Newmans says

    You see Prince Harry is coming to England in hopes that he can talk to his father “the King”
    And the King his father is running away from him.Charles,you need to be a man and listern to your son for once in your lifetime or you will regent it will you meet your maker.You know you might now agree with him but he is youur son and you are throwing him to the wolves the way i see it.I guess Prince Harry was right about you not being there for him when he needed you.But i guess you very to busy with your Camilla and did not have time for your son.Just like now.

  2. Linda D says

    Camilla the so call queen is good for so.ethi g and that I think is a rewarding job. After all she shouldn’t have been allowed to a queen of any type. After all Queen Elizabeth ‘s own uncle wasn’t allowed to be king because he married a divorced American women. Camilla did far worse. She was the mistress of Prince Charles forever.How can either of them be as innocent as they act She was married with children to a captain in Charles regiment. I thought he was supposed be a friend But people like these two they take and give nothing back to those they hurt. Look how Charles treats his own son.Ah yes the son with the Spencer red hair.Now he also has a grandson with the same red hair. Apparently he doesn’t like this baby any better. No wonder he lives in US.

  3. Suzanne molina says

    Such sadness. Such a waste. As a parent if you know you have hurt your child you apologize. As I see it Harry and Wills never did a thing to hurt their dad. They both told him the truth. How they felt. In private. Charles needs to apologize to his son. I read Charles autobiography. He eviscerated his father. The tables been turned. Apologize Charles. Queen Camilla. She probably has some of Diana’s jewels.

  4. […] Queen Camilla, on the other hand, also got to take time off on the visit to support a cause close to her heart: literacy. She even revealed that she and French’s First Lady share a “deep love of literature and a passion to promote literacy.” […]

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