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King Charles Must Choose Between Prince Harry And William

King Charles has found himself in an uncomfortable position.  The rift between Prince Harry and Prince William has become nasty, but what if King Charles actually wants to bury the hatchet with his younger son? 

Will Prince William ever forgive his father?  Keep reading for all the crazy details and what’s going on this month at Buckingham Palace.

It’s been a wild couple of years for King Charles.  First he lost his beloved mother Queen Elizabeth, then he became the King of an entire country, then his son roasted him in his memoir, and now he was just diagnosed with cancer.  That’s a lot for any person to digest.

Prince William Has No Interest In Reconciliation

It’s no secret Prince William wants NOTHING to do with Prince Harry and has no interest in reconciling with his brother and Meghan Markle.  As far as William is concerned, Harry and Meghan’s actions were unforgivable. 

King Charles Must Choose Between Prince Harry And William

Rumor has it Prince William actually is the person who cut Harry’s trip to London short this month and sent him packing back to California.

What if King Charles wants to make amends with Prince Harry though?  The King knows time is not on his side, he’s not a young man and has health issues.  The last thing he wants is to pass away not on speaking terms with his son. 

It’s crazy to think that he doesn’t even know Archie and Lizbet.  It would be understandable if King Charles wanted to spend time with his grandkids and get acquainted with them.

King Charles Faces Tough Decision

If King Charles buries the hatchet with Harry and lets him and Meghan Markle back in to the Royal fold, his older son Prince William may never forgive him. 

Is losing your loyal son really worth making nice with the one who sent your entire family up the tabloid creek without a paddle?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below and keep checking Celebrating The Soaps daily for more Royal Family updates.

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  1. Helen says

    William will be king and Harry can just stay in CA.

  2. Vicki says

    Just yesterday you said all said it was Camilla! I know I’m getting tired of all of this crap and not even interested in reading your stories anymore

  3. Sheri says

    I wouldn’t trust Harry or Megan any further than I could through either of them and I have to use a walker. My vote is NO, keep those two as far from the royals family as possible. Sorry but King Charles needs to look at what is in front of him, not the California back stabbed.

  4. Audrey says

    He chose to leave the fold and has not acted very well with the family due to his wife’s influence so in my opinion her made his bed let him lay in it

  5. Judy says

    I think Harry used his father’s cancer diagnosis to make a trip to the UK to get details about his father and Catherine. Then he can sell the details to the media!

  6. Phyllis says

    I’m sure Charles has told Harry he still loved him for his mistakes, and wished him well in his new life. Harry should be allowed to attend his father’s services when that time comes, but that should be the end of his relationship with his other family members.

  7. G says

    William , how terrible to put pressure on his Dad. That’s has cancer to pick between the brothers, this makes me sick . Grow up William I think you will be a horrible King . Harry should beable to see his Dad and bring his children to meet their Grandfather, they all need to grow up. King shouldn’t be forced to pick the best son .

  8. Cindy says

    Harry turned on his family. Unforgivable

  9. Deborah says

    Everything that Harry wrote and said, along with his black widow wife, I’m surprised that the King wants him around. Even the Queen has nothing to do with him and Meghan. If Harry wants to his father FaceTime the kids and Harry with the King.

  10. Cathy says

    The King needs to let Harry go, strip him of title.
    If he wants to see his grandchildren let him fly to California, his son should have an extra bedroom for him!

  11. Giovina says

    Harry and Megan need to ask fir forgiveness for what they have said and done to thei dads and the firm/monarchy and the uk people. They should never be in the royalty to work as they opted out and cannot be trusted. They should be stripped of anything royal inheritances as well the children and Harry and megain n if she chooses could come and visit their grandfather if megain lets harry bring them or come with Han m no photos in the media and William are s able to make his own decisions if h and m apologize too and just respect chats now and then h and m caused all these upsets because they are jealous They are not victims and chose to have a private life so just get on with it without the nastiness and lies something everyone would be on social ground This is my opinion

  12. Judi says

    It seems like nearly all of you cannot find any forgiveness in your heart. Shame on you. Everyone should be able to forgive. I have forgiven many people and even my spouse and children. You really should learn a little forgiveness. Harry mad a few mistakes, who hasn’t ?

  13. Deborah says

    Meagan won’t allow those kids to come to UK. KC doesn’t have to choose between his boys. They’ve both made their choices & decisions. If William doesn’t want a relationship with Harry then so be it. Harry made his choice when he married Megan. William serves the public & charities, Harry serves himself & his bank accounts.

  14. Maria says

    I don’t think this happening like this I think you are creating click bait. Harry and MeMe will never be working Royals again. They decided that when Queen Elizabeth II was alive. They can’t go back on that decision now. The King can have a relationship with Harry without involving William. It happened in my family. My Aunt and Uncle had two children and my Uncle wouldn’t talk to his son but would talk to his daughter my Aunt talked to both. She never involved my Uncle with my cousin my other cousin was involved in his life. So William and his family don’t have to be involved in the life of Harry and MeMe. I don’t think the rest of the Royal family want to be involved with them as well. It’s only King Charles who does but I think very cautiously.

  15. Sandra says

    I think the father wants to know his grandchildren even though harry and Meghan did an awful thing to the family. But the way I see it . William did push Harry too far. Megan I would not trust at all. Harry does love his family . William is the spoiled brat if you look at him . Harry never had a chance at what he did do when he was in England . No matter what he did was wrong ! Give him a chance to see his father before he does pass away . Don’t make the father make a choice . Kate I don’t know about her and Camilla don’t trust her as she is too faced

  16. noellastober says

    The King must pick good over bad in this situation. He must do what is right for the kingdom. Unfortunately his family comes second in this case. Harry and his wife have created so much distance and trouble for this family there is no forgiving them now. Charles can forgive Harry, as a father, but not as the monarch. Harry has not made amends with his brother or sister- in -law, nonetheless has tried to do things to make it easier for anyone. When he cannot get what he wants he strikes back with vicious threats on them. Harry has much growing up to do and this will take a long time for him to accomplish. His help , Meghan, does not help one bit. She is bitter, jealous, nasty, a liar, etc and that makes it hard for anyone to trust. I would never trust her again because she always has uglies to say. She is far from nice. William and Kate do not need the drama and neither does Charles or Camilla. Like I say, the king can forgive his son but in return Harry gets nothing else. That is the fair way to do this. William will figure this out, even if it takes y ears. He is a smart man

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