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Meghan Markle And Michelle Obama Compared Constantly – But There’s A Point Where Similarities End

Meghan MarkleAs most know, some in the media often compare Meghan Markle with Michelle Obama. Both women share a love for left-wing, progressive politics, and both Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama are married to extremely wealthy men. Both Michelle and Meghan are globetrotting, privileged women. They’ve run in the same social circles, with Michelle Obama and Prince Harry participating in the same charities and events.

There’s the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan have signed with the same Harry Walker Agency in New York that former President Obama and Michelle signed with. Finally, the most glaring similarity of them all is that now Meghan Markle has followed president Obama and Michelle along with her husband Prince Harry in signing a multi-million dollar deal with the streaming giant, Netflix.

However, despite all that, one major Royal expert is pointing out that all of those obvious similarities between Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama are all on the surface.

Meghan Markle Complains While Michelle Is A Warrior

A glaring difference between Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama is their individual personalities. Everyone has watched as Meghan Markle has complained bitterly about how unfairly she felt treated when she was still a senior member of the British Royal Family. She felt “silenced” and “voiceless,” and everyone saw Meghan complain that the Crown left her “unprotected.”

Indeed, Celia Warden, a British critic and journalist said that Michelle Obama was nothing like Meghan Markle because Michelle, “resolutely refused to whine throughout her years in the White House.”

The differences between Meghan and Michelle Obama don’t end there, however. Meghan is always in a rush to be seen, to be heard, whereas Michelle gave Meghan public advice in at least one interview. In her statements, Michelle said, “take some time and don’t be in a hurry to do anything.”

The Backgrounds Of Meghan Markle And Michelle Obama Are Nothing Alike

In addition to the differences in personality between Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama, Ms. Warden noted the following variances in their backgrounds.

Of Meghan’s younger years, Ms. Warden said, “Growing up as a privately educated schoolgirl in Hollywood is unlikely to have given Meghan the same insights as to the ones Michelle gleaned being raised in a cramped apartment on the wrong side of Chicago.”

She went on to say that, “One of these two women met her husband at the Chicago law firm where she was one of just two African Americans in the department; the other was set up on a blind date by a member of London’s society set, after allegedly putting the word out that she was keen to land a ‘famous British man.”

With all that said, some believe that Michelle Obama has been providing Meghan Markle with a helping hand behind the scenes. As in, perhaps Michelle has been acting as something of a mentor to Meghan. Others have gone so far as to suggest that Michelle and Barack Obama gave Prince Harry and Meghan a boost when they approached Netflix. However, the Obamas have denied that they had anything to do with the deal between Meghan, Prince Harry, and the American media company.

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