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’90 Day Fiance – Happily Ever After’: Elizabeth Feels Betrayed By Andrei

TLC - 90 Day Fiancé –Happily Ever After: Elizabeth Potthast CastravetTLC’s “90 Day Fiancé –Happily Ever After,” star Elizabeth Potthast Castravet says she feels betrayed by Andrei Castravet in the upcoming episode “To Love And Obey”.

TLC 90 Day Fiance – Elizabeth Did Not Know The Whole Story Of Andrei’s Leaving Moldova And The Chisinau Police Force

Elizabeth says she did not know the whole story of Andrei’s having left Moldova and the Chisinau Police Force to take the job in Ireland as a bouncer in a club. This is where Elizabeth met Andrei. Her family, in particular her father, Chuck Potthast, and her brother, Charlie Potthast had been suspicious of Andrei’s past in Moldova and things really ramped up when her mother Pamela Putnam, her husband Walter, and Elizabeth’s sister Jennifer showed up.

Jenn joined the makeshift investigative squad and they all ganged up on Andrei’s friend and former police force co-worker Marcel to find out the truth about why Andrei really quit his police detective job and left Moldova. Marcel basically corroborated everything that Andrei had previously admitted on the matter, but Andrei was not impressed at them going behind his back to talk to his friend, and Elizabeth felt betrayed because she did not recall him ever telling her as much of the story as he claimed he had, and her family’s confronting Andrei about it in front of her really didn’t help matters any.

Perhaps they had hoped to break the couple up, although they have been married for a few years before coming to Moldova for that second wedding! Elizabeth knew about him having been a detective, but not the part about his having to flee the country! She felt he was being dishonest by glossing over the story and not telling her every single gory detail!

90 Day Fiance – The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth, So Help You, Andrei Castravet!

Marcel said that when he and Andrei were there working as detectives in the Chisinau, Moldova police department, there was a certain hierarchy that newer members of the force had to obey. The problem was, once they got in deeper, they found out that the higher-ups were corrupt. Andrei confirmed what Marcel said, and said the corrupt hierarchy would give them orders, and they had to obey and execute them, whether they felt right about them or not, and if they didn’t, they would set them up, and sometimes the set-ups would endanger them.

Andrei said he got set up with something and he told them he wasn’t going to cooperate, and he walked out! Elizabeth and Andrei talked it out on the balcony of the apartment building where his parents live, and she wondered if he was keeping anything else from him! Andrei told her he was in danger when he left Moldova, and he still feels uncomfortable talking about it.

The hierarchy had made it clear he would lose everything for disobeying them, including his life! Elizabeth then understood how serious the situation was and came to a new understanding of the danger that he was in and why he fled the country, although he also explains to her family that he was able to fix things so there wouldn’t be a danger by the time they came back to Moldova for the wedding.

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