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Meghan Markle Clashes With Prince Harry By Seeking Spotlight

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry increasingly have battled over the importance of privacy. For instance, the Duke of Sussex has repeatedly expressed how much he cherishes avoiding the paparazzi. But in contrast, Meghan loves to put on a display for the ever-present photographers. 

Find how Harry and Meghan have chosen different approaches to managing their fame. And learn why the Duchess of Sussex behaves in public as if TV crews film every move. Get all the details below.

Meghan Markle Seeks Spotlight

The Duchess of Sussex recently attracted paparazzi when she showed up at the Farmers Market near the $14 million mansion she shares with the Duke of Sussex. And photos then flooded various web sites, capturing Meghan’s elegant attire as she examined everything from honey to flowers. But expert Judi James claimed via the NY Post that Markle made her “idealized shopping trip in a desperate bid to acknowledge the camera.”

Meghan Markle Clashes With Prince Harry’s Privacy By Seeking Spotlight

And James believes that “Meghan shops as though she’s still taking part in a Netflix series.” For instance, the Duchess of Sussex toted a shoulder sack and wore designer sunglasses as her bodyguard trailed after her. Markle’s appearance made a dramatic contrast to a typical grocery shopping trip.

“This is idealized A-list shopping complete with shoulder sack, designer shades, and a bodyguard,” claimed the expert. And she described Meghan as “sniffing orchids and tasting honey rather than pushing a trolley full of baked beans and fish fingers ’round the aisles of a Lidl.” However, while some women get help from their husbands on such trips, Markle replaced Harry as a companion with her pet beagle. And she ignored the market’s rule banning dogs.

Prince Harry Aims For Privacy

However, while Meghan smiles pretty for the paparazzi, Harry wants to reject his wife’s starry Hollywood lifestyle. And according to the NY Post, experts predict that the Duke will eventually reject his show biz lifestyle. Insiders view Harry as “obviously ill-suited and seems entirely uncomfortable with” the glamour of Hollywood. As a result, although their mansion in Montecito is just two hours from Hollywood, Harry sees his home as a refuge.

And Harry never desired to become a TV show exec or star on his own show, say insiders. As a result, Harry has begun to seek ways to step away from the spotlight. And at the same time, Meghan has begun plotting her own next move. Markle has focused on planning her career future. For instance, she became “immersed” in meetings ever since signing up with WME CEO Ari Emanuel and his team. Meghan also may find deals with fashion houses to help her boost her deal-making power and bring in more money. 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Harry seeking privacy while Meghan wants the spotlight? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Robyn says

    This got to be a JOKE RIGHT! All these two have wanted all a long is the SPOTLIGHT from everyone & everything!
    PRIVACY is not what they want really! There’s not a camera of a interview they don’t do or take.
    PRIVACY is just a ward they say but didn’t ever mean!!

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