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Prince Harry Is ‘Very Scared’ Of Meghan Markle, Acts Like Her Servant!

A royal family biographer has revealed how Prince Harry really feels about Meghan Markle. And while the Duke of Sussex might never admit it in public, he feels afraid of his wife. But a new report also claims that Harry behaves more like a servant than a husband to Meghan.

Find out about the report claiming that Harry feels scared of Meghan. And learn why his behavior sparked servant comparisons. Get all the details below.

Prince Harry Feels ‘Very Scared’ Of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle might look like a sweet, devoted wife and mother in family pics with Prince Harry. But royal biographer Angela Levin claims that demure exterior hides a woman that Harry fears. As a result, Levin pities the Duke of Sussex. And she even alleged that Meghan drained Harry of all his positive qualities via IBT.

Prince Harry Is ‘Very Scared’ Of Meghan Markle, Acts Like Her Servant!

Because Angelina followed Harry on his royal duties for a year in order to pen her 2018 book “Harry: A Biography Of A Prince,” she became well-acquainted with him. But when the royal biographer compares Harry then and now, she feels he looks unhappy. And Levin blames Harry’s unhappiness for what happened after he wed Meghan, quit his royal duties, and moved from the U.K. to California.

“Well, it’s been very sad for me,” said the royal biographer in a recent interview. “Because I spent 15 months with him. And I got to know him very well and I adored him. I thought he was terrific. He had so many good qualities,” she added. “And he was very good with people who had damaged themselves. And [Markle’s] just squashed everything out of him. I think he’s very scared of her.”

Prince Harry Behaves Like ‘Servant’ With Meghan Markle

But Levin believes that the Duke of Sussex “doesn’t know what to do” about his situation. As a result of his fear, the royal biographer thinks Harry acts like a “servant,” not a husband, with Meghan. And Levin even has observed Harry rushing to duties that their staff should handle.

“It’s very interesting,” added the royal biographer of Harry’s behavior. “Small things like if she’s coming out of a car somewhere, he rushes out from the other side and comes around. They’ve got people all around them to do that. He looks very, very tense,” Levin noted. And the Duke of Sussex always rushes “to open the door. If she goes somewhere, [he will] quickly open the door or be there with her or step back.”

And Levin has observed Harry repeatedly acting “more like a servant than he is an equal.” But the royal biographer believes Meghan’s behavior contributes to that situation. And Markle “also actually holds him so tightly with one hand and the arm with the other hand, so he can’t move more than a few inches away from her,” added the royal biographer claimed. 

Tell us what you think. Do you believe the report that Prince Harry feels afraid of Meghan Markle? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

  1. Mary says

    He needs help, he needs someone to help him get a divorce quickly, then get him back to the UK and deprogram him from markle, she’s toxic and she is mentally going to kill him, he’s so stressed out, he’s going to have a heart attack, please someone save him!!

    1. G says

      Your right Mary ,he needs help to get back to who he was

  2. Jackie says

    Yes, he should be saved. Shouldn’t have
    To live like that.

  3. Heather. says

    You guys are all right he needs to get away from her and get back to his family, he should have never married her. Harry and his kids need to get away from her fast before they are ruined for life. Get a divorce fast.

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