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Meghan Markle Failed To Understand She Wasn’t The Star Of The Royal Family

When it comes to the royal family, there’s a pecking order Meghan Markle simply didn’t get. The Duchess of Sussex is being criticized for not understanding that she was never going to be the star of the royal family, regardless of how hard she tried to stay in the spotlight.

And when things didn’t go Meghan’s way, that’s when she made it all about her and decided to take Prince Harry and move to America. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Failed To Understand She Wasn’t The Star Of The Royal Family

Clearly, Prince Harry could have explained it to her, but he didn’t. THere’s a new report that says Meghan Markle wanted to be the star of the royal family but when that didn’t happen, she decided to “pick up her toys and decided to go off to America” when things didn’t go her way.

Meghan Markle Failed To Understand She Wasn’t The Star Of The Royal Family

As many royal fans can recall, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex pulled the plug on their working relationship with the royal family back in 2020 and promptly moved to America.

And now former royal correspondent Charles Rae says that Meghan Markle might have simply been delusional when married Prince Harry and first joined the royal family.

He put it this way in an interview with The Sun, “I don’t believe that she understood the pecking order of the royal family.

You’ve got the monarch, you’ve got the Prince of Wales and then you’ve got everyone else under that she wanted to be the star and that I think it was that simple that she thought she just picked up her toys and decided to go off to America.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Meghan Markle?

Of course, Meghan herself has not made any comments about the matter, as she never responds to any of her criticism. But many critics would agree that she’s simply going to do things her way, regardless of what anyone has to say about it.

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  1. Elaine says

    If the press would stop printing every little thing about Meghan, and stop adding fuel to her self published obsessions with herself , perhaps she will just go away.
    She is really irrelevant. Self promotion

  2. Giovina says

    I agree completely. She has to be number 1 or else. Poor Catherine being accused if nit supporting her as a commoner Catherine has “class” megain hasn’t and she is just out for
    Fame and $$$$. Thinking she could become top dog and Harry just supported her “what Megan wants b my Megan gets “. They should loose the titles children too. Charles is too soft on Harry and should not have granted megains threat if the children’s title even if it was protocol but SA very different situation from the greedy immature jealous nasty liar narcissist
    Wake up charles sorry you have to be more firm and fair don’t be threatened by them both

  3. Deborah says

    Quit publishing this garbage. She has never been top dog & never will be. End of subject.

  4. Marie says

    lWhy don’t you people just leave the royal family alone so they can mend thier relationships before anyone passes on! LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOT ALL THE HATRED YOU PUSH ON THIS FAMILY! You act like you know everything about them and what each one thinks about the other. You journalists are and always have been a big part of thier problems. Let them work this out without your interfearence!

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