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Meghan Markle Has Zero Regrets About What She Did In The UK

She just wants to keep everything in the past. There’s a new report that suggests Meghan Markle does not regret anything that happened in the UK and for the way that she exited the royal family.

In fact, there’s a new report that suggests the Duchess of Sussex would have done the same thing all over again, if she could. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Has Zero Regrets About What She Did In The UK

As many royal fans are aware by now, Meghan Markle still feels like she was absolutely humiliated by the royal family and that she still deserves an apology.

Meghan Markle Has Zero Regrets About What She Did In The UK

While there is very little chance of that ever happening, she still feels like she is in the right and that everyone else is on the wrong, especially her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Royal expert Tom Quinn, who often has something or another to say about the royal family, even put it this way,Megan doesn’t feel guilty about Kate, because she feels that Kate should’ve been the one person in the Royal Family to back her against every difficulty. Apart from anything else, Meghan knew Kate was an outsider, so she just couldn’t understand why Kate always towed the Royal line rather than supporting her, Meghan, the other outsider.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Meghan Markle?

Of course, the Duchess of Sussex herself has made no comments about the matter but she’s also made it pretty clear that she has no plans to ever return to the UK again, or see anyone from the royal family. She’s been there, done that, and doesn’t want to deal with it ever again.

Then again, many reports say that her husband Prince Harry certainly feels different. He’s been missing the UK a lot lately and has been thinking about even moving back, with or without his wife Meghan by his side.

We have a feeling that things are going to be looking quite interesting in the next several months to come.

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  1. Abby says

    Don’t hold your breath!

  2. Deborah says

    Self-centered, narcissistic, soulless, Something is dead inside her. No conscious, no remorse for anything she says or does, a sociopath.

  3. Irene` says

    I THINK THE WITCH (M,M) is out of her class. She and Kate are not the only outsiders in family. You have Edwards wife Sophie and Andrew’s Sarah, just to name a few. Sophie even offered help in the beginning but her royal bitchiness refused her help and I’ve got Harry I don’t need anything else. She is such a phony and I don’t know when Harry is going to open his eyes and actually see what is going on. His children deserve to meet their cousins. If she doesn’t want come to GB, let her stay home and stew in her own home-made juices. I don’t know why Harry as father can’t take his children with him to see his father and hopefully build trust with the family.

  4. Giovina says

    I hope she never sets foot in uk again not for any funerals so she can put it in the media for $$$$
    Harry and the children are welcome in the uk and Harry should be able to take them on his own even if it means divorce She Megain will have lots to answer to the children when they r if understanding. If she doesn’t want to go to uk Harry should be “allowed “ to take them on his own. She is depriving them and the royals their sharing of their fathers and theirs of knowing their heritage and family love. She is selfish jealous immature a liar narcissist greedy and nasty. Harry take them by yourself and their nanny. Security is ok that is her excuse if nit going and for them they will be safe without her to hinder everything. Harry stand up to her it’s about time !!!

  5. Maryjane says

    Harry needs to take his children to England and never return to the US. Megan is a narcissist, she only loves herself. She does not love Harry or her children.

  6. noellastober says

    That is all good I really did not read lthe article because it is all bs but anyway silnce she did nothing wrong in her minds eye she should not take offense that the Brits and Americans and many other prople around the world want nothinhg to do with her. Accept it woman beause so many people cannot be wrong

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