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Meghan Markle Mocked For Being Desperate For Money

Meghan Markle Mocked For Being Desperate For MoneyJust how low can she go? Meghan Markle is being mocked for supposedly being very desperate for money. Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex is willing to not only cash in on her royal status, but do just about anything to make a buck, including selling overpriced jam and chicken feed as part of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

But is this really all necessary? Well, that’s what one royal critic would like to know. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Meghan Markle – Mocked For Being Desperate For Money

The Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir, who often has something or another to say about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has pointed out in her latest piece that Meghan Markle is desperate to sell just about anything to keep the lights on in her Montecito mansion.

Those bills are certainly not going to pay themselves. She also pointed out that Harry and Meghan have a few Netflix docuseries coming out, which she had also mocked in her opinion piece.

Moir put it this way,In one, ­Meghan will share the ‘joys of ­cooking, ­gardening, entertaining and ­friendship’ — most of which she is demonstrably unqualified to do. The second series finds Harry ­giving ‘unprecedented access to the world of professional polo’ — the ­exclusive, elitist sport few ­people care about outside polo circles.”

Is Meghan Markle Really That Desperate?

She continued, “Maybe the Sussexes could ­combine the two documentary strands and have Meghan making sandwiches for some thunderously handsome Argentinian polo ­players while writing encouraging words on their bananas, too. That would bring in the viewers.

Meanwhile, this ambitious pair of control freaks will be ­executively producing everything, from the polo shoots to the avocado-­potting sessions to the labels on the jars of strawberry delight; ­rolling out a carefully curated, highly sanitized, hugely commercialized version of their lives for public consumption and private profit.”

Before signing off, Moir added, “Another day, another desperate Montecito dollar. This time with jam on it.”

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