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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Try To Boost Public Image Amid Prince Charles Baby Bombshell!?

Royal family watchers may think they know EVERYTHING possible about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Ever since that infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple does seem to constantly appear in one headline after another. But nothing really new gets revealed… until now.

Keep reading to discover the NEW bombshells dropped about both Markle and Harry. Plus: Prince Charles is reported to have made a shocking decision about a royal baby! But did his new Instagram pic just take back that decision? 

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Get New Nicknames: ‘Ginge And Whinge’

Some royal family watchers have wondered if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are so shielded behind their walls of their California mansion that the couple doesn’t know about the negative impression they’re making. But at least one expert disagrees with that theory. 

Meghan and Harry both are VERY aware of how the public views them, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told the Express.

He revealed that some have given the couple the unflattering nicknames of “Ginge and Whinge.”

Describing why those names, Sacerdoti explained, “Prince Harry is getting a reputation amongst some people for being a bit of a whinger. It is not for nothing, rather unkindly, that some people have dubbed them Ginge and Whinge.This is something that they will want to think about when forming their new reputation internationally.”

Moreover, the royal family expert theorized that the pair should try to reconcile in private rather than seeking more publicity. 

“The two sides would do well to keep that undercover and to try and make peace amongst themselves without involving the world’s press,” added Jonathan.

Royal Family Commentator Megyn Kelly Contrasts UK Vs U.S. Support For Meghan, Harry

But another royal family expert, commentator Megyn Kelly, offered a different view. She feels that the British tend to feel less supportive than Americans in the United States.

“I think perhaps the American people are more supportive than the Brits are at this point,” said Kelly. “But I think it is also divided by political party over here. The Republicans, in my estimation, after speaking with them and watched some of the polling, they have had enough of their nonsense, Meghan and Harry’s.”

In contrast, Megyn believes the Democrats “love” the couple. Why? 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “pro-woke, are victims, want to talk about their mental health problems all the time, even though they want to do it from their palace in Montecito,” claimed Kelly. “Some on the left, not normal liberals, but some of them that consider themselves woke are kind of into that.”

Prince Charles Drops Baby Bombshell!? Instagram Contradicts!

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s father and Meghan Markle’s father-in-law, Prince Charles, reportedly has his own bombshell to drop.

But thanks to his Instagram, the allegations may be wrong. Here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Prince Charles allegedly refuses to allow Harry’s and Meghan’s baby boy, Archie, to become a prince, reported the Daily Mail.
  2. Meghan and Harry reportedly get informed about Charles’ intention to refuse to give Archie a title.
  3. Mere hours AFTER rumors that Markle and her husband felt infuriated about that refusal, Charles uploads a series of photos to Instagram. Those photos contradict the rumors!

The photos shared on Charles’ Instagram page focus on Father’s Day. The first picture sweetly shows Charles with his own father, Prince Philip, who recently passed away.

But scroll through to the third photo in the sequence for the real surprise. Contrary to all those reports about bad blood among Harry, William, and Charles, the Instagram pic shows all three laughing together and smiling.

Is Charles sending a secret message to Harry that his love still continues and he’s changed his mind? We hope so! And be sure to check back on our site for ALL your royal family news and updates. 

  1. Guest says

    She wants nothing to do with being a royal why would she want a title for her son. Doesn’t make sense

  2. M. Payton says

    The only thing Megs wants is a title, money and fame on the world stage on how great she is……and the throne at BP so she can tell us all how to live our lives ……

  3. purplegolfchic says

    status symbol

  4. Guest says

    Thought they were ditched but still have titles.
    She is terrified that she will lose her title of dutchess.

  5. Guest says

    It is because she can make more money off of his name with products

  6. Guest says

    No way in hell Americans would vote for her she’s delusional

  7. Guest says

    For two people that walked away from the Royals and the Queen! They want nothing to do with Royal Family but they want title's for their two children!
    Well the title's for their two children are just like regular people Miss & Mr! Now live with it in the real world you can't have your cake and eat it too!

  8. Guest says

    They are persona non grata

  9. Guest says

    I think it’s time he dumped Meghan. She thinks he should live in the US. He should be with his family in England. Meghan is a hustler and supposedly a movie star which nobody I know has ever heard of.

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