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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Reputation Could Take a NOSE DIVE Following Netflix Deal

Meghan Markle And Prince HarrySome believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s reputation could suffer drastically if they attempt to make a television show or film about a former Royal figure. However, the truth is that previous to Harry and Meghan Markle’s multi-million Netflix deal, the couple was hardly in the good graces of either the British or American public.

Many have found their lavish lifestyle and their constant “Me, me, me,” mantra in the press congruent with their many declarations concerning their need for normalcy and privacy. In other words, the public has had a distinctly bad taste in their collective mouths when forced to endure Sussex’s many and varied, blatant hypocrisies.

With that said, one Royal expert believes that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could tarnish their combined figure, even more, should they produce programming as part of their Netflix deal that centers on Princess Diana. With everyone and their neighbor believing that Harry and Meghan Markle have cashed in on their Royal titles, it seems the height of exploitation should the duke and duchess turn around and also cash in on the life and death of Harry’s mother.

Advice For Salvaging Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Reputation

Now, English glamour model, television, and media personality, Nicole McLean has come out with advice for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on how they can avoid slipping further into the muck with which they’ve dressed since Megxit.

While on the Jeremy Vine show, Ms. McLean said, “I think if they (Harry and Meghan Markle) want to be completely independent Meghan and Harry will need to give up their titles. They only got the £75million deal because of their titles. Netflix would not be paying Meghan from Suits, would they? Netflix is paying her because of who she is married to.”

Additionally, Ms. McLean pointed out that doing a show on Princess Diana would be a bad move on the part of Meghan and Prince Harry.

“I did read about them doing something on Princess Diana. I really hope that is not true because that would really lower them if they could go lower in my opinion.” Said Ms. McLean.

Prince Harry Has Already Gone From Hero To Zero

Of course, some believe that there is little that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could do that is worse than they’ve already done. They both seem to have sold out their own families, neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle (especially Meghan) has much to do with those who were close to them in years past, and both seem to take advantage of anything and anyone that could help them achieve more, more, more.

According to multiple polls conducted by various publications in the UK, the public there has little interest in seeing anything Harry and Meghan produce for Netflix. They view Prince Harry’s actions vis-à-vis Megxit as something of national betrayal and don’t have much interest in following his life outside Great Britain. They have even less interest in seeing Meghan Markle globe-trot around with her prince on a leash once the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

As it stands, many believe that there’s not much Meghan can ever do to recover her image, and as for Prince Harry … well, it’s possible he could. However, no one believes Prince Harry can improve his overall reputation with Meghan at his side.

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  1. Guest says

    Well where are his tears tears eyes now regarding his mother, all the flashbulbs going off bringing back those so called terrible memories? No wait a minute now they are getting paid big bucks for exploiting her the flashbulbs and cameras don’t bother him anymore, now people especially Americans can see him what he ( mr markle the wimp) and his third rate actress wife are all about (MONEY MONEY MONEY)

  2. Joseph Everett says

    what a crock crystal ball gazing again lets see just how things pan out will you be the man if proven wrong

  3. Joseph Everett says

    jealous about the deal are you its called business, have you the ability to read minds or see the future do not beleive all you read in papers it is discursive in wording to get you to buy copy not a lot else and as a Brit I wish them well and I am not alone

  4. Guest says

    I feel that the saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn" will apply if they do a movie/documentary about Princess Diane; only the woman will be the Queen Elizabeth! And her rath will have no end for the duo. And the writer is correct, what else would Netflix want them for? Certainly not their talent! They have none.

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