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Meghan Markle Protecting Her Children From The Royals?

Meghan Markle Protecting Her Children From The Royals?Could this be the reason why she’s decided not to take her kids to London this summer? Maybe. There’s heavy speculation that suggests Meghan Markle might be protecting her children from the royals.

She’s apparently still feeling pretty salty over the fact that King Charles had stripped her family from any royal protection in the UK and that’s why she’s refusing to visit this summer with her two children, Archie and Lilibet, even though Prince Harry is planning a trip to the UK. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Protecting Her Children From The Royals?

Is Meghan Markle protecting her children from the royals? That’s what a lot of fans and critics alike can’t help but wonder.

One of the reasons why the Duchess of Sussex has not stepped foot on British soil in recent months is because she is scared of her safety.

Meghan knows that she’s one of the most hated women in all of Great Britain and that’s why she doesn’t want to take any chances by visiting the country with her children, Archie and Lilibet.

No one seems to understand that, and especially not King Charles. Or at least, that’s what Meghan believes.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Meghan Markle?

On the flip side, King Charles would love to see his grandchildren and sooner rather than later seeing how he’s dealing with his cancer battle.

Meghan is more concerned about the safety of her family than about allowing King Charles to spend time with the two grandchildren that he really hasn’t seen much of these last several years.

He’s desperate to see the Sussexes but if there is one person that is getting in his way of making that happen, it’s Meghan herself.

So far the Duchess of Sussex herself has not made any comments about the matter but we will definitely update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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Also, watch this space for all of the latest breaking news. Come back to Celebrating the Soaps for everything you need to know about The British Royal Family.

  1. Donna says

    As much as I feel for Harry and Megan,I still think that because King Charles is battling cancer they should bring their children to see him-at least for Harry s sake, King Charles is the grandfather and I’m sure he’d provide protection for them if his grandchildren mean anything to him. Megan please put aside your differences and make Harry happy,even though it’s only a short visit you should just go before Charles dies.

  2. Marsha says

    Megan puts those kids in danger daily for all her lies inyou windows she is jealous hateful and Harry needs to dump her and take his kids to the uk JMO

  3. Maria says

    This whole safety saga is getting a bit dramatized. She can have protection by highly trained men and women that use to work for the Met Police they just don’t carry guns. Nor will she have a motorcade. I’m sure though her father in law will have security around him after all he is the King of England!!! That’s just not good enough for her then what is?!?

  4. Abby says

    The Royals need to be protected from her!

  5. noellastober says

    Both M & H have real issues on their shoulders They have creatrede the panic and idstain of people around the world and no M blames the fact of no security while in UK She is rather bumblling her brain to make it all seem real. Instead of going and see just what kind of security she will have, especially her children, she finds things to pop into her head that makes everone seem horrible to her and her family She demands H does nothing with his family, etc because of the hell and havoc she has created. They were told when they left UK for good there would be no security for them The royals were not paying for it. Instead of heeding the word they complain of that which they already knew before they wrote their story, spoke to their one time ago friend Oprah, put down the royals altogether just to have their names in the press, etc They have ruined the family relationship children not knowing their royal side and when the King dies they will blame William and Kate for them not seeing their grandparents, etc The fault will be everyone elses, not them Talk about idiocy, well this is it.

  6. Debby says

    I think it’s because they can’t get pictures taken with the RF. That’s the only things that’s sellable. No pictures NO kids.

  7. Ande says

    Megan Markle is afraid to take a trip across the pond because it’s said that she is the most hated woman in Britain? Surely she knows that she isn’t exactly loved in the USA or Canada either but she doesn’t hesitate to go out if there’s 5 minutes of fame involved!
    Markle never has accepted the fact that she will never be as popular as the royals and in fact the only reason that anyone has paid any mind to her is because of who she married! She needs to get over herself and put Harry’s father ahead of her never ending selfishness!

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