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Amy Duggar Claims Josh Suffered From Trauma

Amy Duggar King made bold new claims in a tell-all interview. She thinks her cousin Josh suffered from trauma. That doesn’t mean she feels bad for him though. She hopes he’s having a rough time in prison. Amy shared her complicated feelings for the scorned family member. Keep on reading to learn more.

Amy Duggar – Suggests Josh Duggar’s Trauma

In an interview with People, Amy Duggar spoke out about Josh Duggar. He’s currently serving 12.5 years behind bars for child pornography charges. Amy thinks it relates to trauma.

She explained that some people experience “traumatic” events as a child that cause them to act out later in life.

Amy Duggar Claims Josh Suffered From Trauma

“Don’t know what the traumatic event or events was,” Amy explained. “I think it stems down and it’s just so heartbreaking all around.”

Amy Duggar knew that something was “very wrong.” She couldn’t explain what caused him to go down this dark path. As fans know, Amy grew up with the Duggar cousins at Jim Bob and Michelle’s family home.

“I don’t know why or how or what that looks like, but I know that something’s up and something is very wrong,” Amy Duggar added.

Josh will remain behind bars at FCI Seagoville Federal Prison in Texas. His release is for October 2032. His attorney attempted to appeal his case, but a judge denied it. Two more months were added to his sentence.

Amy Duggar doesn’t believe that Josh “can be rehabilitated.” She revealed that she wants him to remain in prison. Amy fears for his kids, whom he shares with his wife Anna Duggar.

The couple shares seven children: Mackynzie, Meredith Grace, Maryella Hope, Madyson, Michael, Marcus, and Mason.

Wants Duggar Cousin To Suffer

Amy also revealed that she wants her cousin to suffer during his time in prison. She has no intentions of reconnecting with her cousin when he gets out. The two haven’t been on speaking terms since his sentencing.

“I hope every day is absolute torture for him,” Amy told People. “I really hope that because he watched and what he was viewing for his own fulfillment is those kids experiencing torture.”

“I have not spoken to him, and I will not,” Amy Duggar continued. “I will not. When you just cross those evil lines like that, there is no coming back. I just think there’s no coming back.”

Amy hasn’t spoken to Anna since they both attended a funeral last summer. Anna told Amy that she “needed space” during this time. Amy respects Anna’s wishes and can’t imagine how she feels.

What are your thoughts on Amy Duggar’s tell-all interview? Do you agree that he suffered some sort of trauma as a kid? Sound off below in the comment section.

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