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Meghan Markle Refusing Dad, Thomas’ 80th Birthday Wish, To See Her One Last Time

Meghan Markle Refusing Dad, Thomas' 80th Birthday Wish, To See Her One Last TimeBritish royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle, is set to turn 80 next month and he has just one request: for Meghan to talk to him. How sad is that, denying one’s elderly father his final wish? Talk about bad karma; Meghan thinks she can just shake it off?

Poor Thomas told the Daily Mail: “I never expected to make it to 80 because Markle men never do. My father died at 61.”

Royal Family News – Meghan Refuses To See Her Dad

By the sound of things, Thomas’ last few years have been marred by his daughter’s refusal to speak to him and refusal to let him meet his grandkids: “everything has been overshadowed by what has happened in the last six years.”

It’s simply incomprehensible that Thomas’ words would fail to melt even the iciest heart: “I’ve never been one for birthdays, but I know the one person I most want to hear from, Meghan, won’t be in touch. I would love to meet my grandchildren, but I would be happy with a photograph at this stage.”

Royal Family News – Thomas Markle Wants To Talk To Meghan

The outlet reports that Markle became estranged from his daughter in 2018. Two things happened that turned Meghan, by her own admission, against him. First, he made a mistake by selling photos of himself to paparazzi.

Second, he had the nerve to suffer a heart attack right before her wedding to Prince Hirsute and because doctors forbid him to fly to the UK he missed Meghan’s Febreezed wedding at Windsor Castle.

Apparently Meghan blames her father for not being able to walk her down the aisle.

Royal Family News – Why Won’t Meghan See Her Father?

Meghan has not allowed Markle to meet his grandchildren Archie, five, and three-year-old Lilibet despite being a three hour drive from her Montecito, California home. Why does he think Meghan is acting so nastily? Markle has no clue: “that’s one of the questions I cannot find an answer for.”

Royal Family News – Thomas Markle Has Never Met Harry

Meghan is not the only one disrespecting Markle. He still hasn’t met his SIL, Clown Prince Harry, something Markle finds incredulous.

As Markle says: “He has the resources to fly around the world – and does – but why didn’t he come to see me, particularly when people in the royal household like Jason Knauf [Harry and Meghan’s former communications secretary] were urging him to do so? That has never made sense to me. What man gets married without meeting his wife’s father?”

The outlet reports that Markle continues to have side effects from a stroke suffered two years ago, with speaking a particular challenge. Markle said he feels “deep empathy” for King Charles, who is “in the same boat” in being denied the opportunity to get to know his grandchildren.

As he poignantly notes “Neither of us deserves the treatment we’ve received.” He ended by saying “I have so many questions I’d like to ask Meghan and Harry. The main one being, why have they treated not only me but the Royal Family and the King so badly?”

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  1. noellastober says

    Sorry Tom Markle, your wish would not happen Meghan could never give in, say she was wrong on anything and or show the world he has a heart especially after all the bad she spewed on you and your family and the royals for that matter Sorry your boat is full of MM crap She has no clue on what she and her family are missing out on, especially you because you too have no relationship with your grandchildren She is just plain evil and I am sorry to say that but it is the fact

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