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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Flaunts “Rich Mom” Fashion

Meghan MarkleBritish royal family news shows that Meghan Markle is always down to get along. Take her alleged acceptance and wearing of so-called “blood diamonds.” Or that time she acted like a chipmunk for Ellen’s viewers—so hilarious and humiliating.

Now one royal fan is delighting with her take on Meghan’s wardrobe choices. Let’s just say she has definitely evolved from the arched back, cheesy grin style of the Deal or No Deal pose. What do her style choices reveal about the inner Meghan Markle?

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Has Evolved?

Us Weekly interviewed Eloise Moran who is a royal fashion expert and author of the upcoming book, The Lady Di Look Book. According to her, “We’ve kind of seen her ditch the classic tropes of what it means to be in the Royal family.” Because she’s not in the royal family, she’s Princess Pinocchio and in a league of her own now.

Royal Family News – Princess Pinocchio Says It All

Moran noted, “She obviously has this California Montecito, rich mom thing going on when she’s in California,” and pointed to the ostentatious display of married-into wealth Meghan flashed on the September visit to New York City.

“What I loved about the New York trip so much is she displayed this kind of Succession style wardrobe, which is what I like to call mogul style. Kind of young Oprah billionaire outfits.” Moran is a fashion expert and we are not. That said, the general consensus of the peanut gallery was that Meghan looked foolishly overdressed with ten artic layers going on especially when she dropped by a Harlem school for disadvantaged kids, trying to sell copies of her panned kid’s book. Just one of her gaudy baubles could have funded the underpaid teacher’s salary.

Is Meghan A Fashion Plate Or Fashion Disaster?

Moran thinks that Meghan channeled her late mother-in-law (and true humanitarian) in the Big Apple. She brought up Princess Diana’s February 1989 trip saying, “She kind of had this very business-chic wardrobe,” and thinks that Meghan, “definitely took cues” from her late mother-in-law’s outfits.

How so? Moran points to the wearing of mostly, “black and tan looks … a color palette that princess Diana also adopted when she went to New York.”

Today the Markle family Christmas card came out, and as if channeling Moran’s words, the whole clan has a decidedly different dress vibe happening. It looks like a GAP ad for family denim. Harry had the obligatory look-at-me-I’m-so-cool ripped jeans on while Meghan’s were tastefully intact. One question though: why must Harry thrust his bare hooves into every snapshot?

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