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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Snubbed Prince Philip’s Advice Not To Talk About Himself

Prince Harry British royal family news shows that when a member of the royal family goes off script and attempts an interview under the influence of anger, things go sideways. There’s a reason why they have the longstanding motto, ‘never complain, never explain.’ It’s to avoid train wreck interviews like those given by Prince Andrew to the BBC, the late Diana to the BBC, and Diana’s son Harry and his wife to every outlet that asks. In each the aggrieved party had an ax to grind and in each and every instance the result was a nuclear fallout that damaged the interviewee and the monarchy.

The late Prince Philip was a wise man, and apparently he was well aware of the pitfalls of letting a commoner question a royal—no good could come of it apparently. Which is why he had one rule he asked them to follow, according to a close friend.

Prince Philip Was A Wise Man

In 1995 a betrayed Princess Diana clacked to the now disgraced Martin Bashir about the affairs she and future king Prince Charles were involved in. Among other scandalizing topics. The result was the queen demanding they divorce and the rest is history.

Eager to follow in his mother’s stillettos, Harry and his wife Meghan sat down for a chummy little chat with Oprah in March. That was a train crash whose wreckage is still smoldering. It was the beginning of the end in terms of the couple’s last shred of credibility. The childish whiners threw both of their families under the bus for a litany of perceived offenses and came out looking like babies whose candy was taken away. Oh, and Meghan earned the nickname Princess Pinocchio due to her many tall tales, like the one she told about the Archbishop of Canterbury no less.

Royal Family News – The Royals Don’t Learn

According to the Express, Philip’s close friend Gyles Brandreth spilled Philip’s thoughts on Harry and Meghan’s outlandish Oprah interview. Which by the way took place while he was hospitalized in March; he died in April. Despite calls for the Prince of Montecito to postpone the trashing of his family until Philip was out of care, he went ahead with the interview.

Brandreth said, “The fact that the Meghan and Harry interview was aired while Philip was in hospital did not trouble him. What did worry him was the couple’s preoccupation with their own problems and willingness to talk about them in public.”

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Was A Kind Man

Brandreth continued, “‘Give TV interviews by all means’, he said, ‘but don’t talk about yourself.’ That was one of his rules. I know he shared it with his children. I imagine he shared it with his grandchildren, too.” Well then that means Harry is either not a very good listener or his level of anger and resentment toward his family is astronomical. Neither option is very flattering.

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