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Meghan Markle Showing No Concern For King Charles?

Is Meghan Markle showing no concern for King Charles and his cancer crisis? That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder.

New reports say that Prince Harry has already met with his cancer-stricken father in London, but it’s Meghan Markle who had stayed behind in California. Could there be a reason for it? Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Showing No Concern For King Charles?

Is Meghan Markle showing no concern for her father-in-law or is she just trying to stay out of the limelight?

The Duchess of Sussex hasn’t said anything, but at the same time, she hasn’t done anything, either. And some beleive that the Sussexes should at least release a statement.

Meghan Markle Showing No Concern For King Charles?

One PR expert by the name of Ryan McCormick weighed in on the matter.

He told The Mirror in a new interview, As of Monday, various news outlets reported that Meghan Markle was staying in LA while Harry rushed to Prince Charles’ side in wake of his cancer diagnosis. On Twitter both #MeghanMarkle and #Markle hashtags are not trending favorably.”

He continued, “Like any well-known figure, Markle’s actions are constantly scrutinised. If she doesn’t join Harry soon, speculation will build as to why and rumours will begin swirling. Charles’ diagnosis was unexpected and of course it’s probably challenging to prepare the kids for a long trip on short notice. If Meghan isn’t perceived as showing the utmost concern for both Charles and Harry in a genuine family crisis, it will not be received well by the public.”

Royal Family News – Will Meghan Join Harry In London?

It’s unknown for how long Prince Harry will be in London, but some believe this might be the first step to reconciling with King Charles and the rest of the royal family.

So far Meghan Markle herself has not made any comments about the matter but we will definitely update you with all the latest details as they come in.

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