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Meghan Markle Wants King Charles To Make The First Step

Meghan Markle Wants King Charles To Make The First StepIt looks like Meghan Markle is willing to come back to the UK, but just under one condition. She wants to make sure that King Charles gives her the apology that she thinks she rightfully deserves after being treated poorly by the royal family.

If King Charles does apologize to Meghan, than only then will she reconsider coming back to London with Prince Harry and their two children. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Meghan Markle – Wants King Charles To Make The First Step

According to a new report, the only words that the Duchess of Sussex wants to hear from the King of England or anyone from  the royal family for that matter are “I’m sorry.” But whether or not she’s going to get that apology, no one really knows.

In a new interview, royal expert and author Tom Quinn puts it this way, Meghan and Harry feel that turning up at Balmoral will put them on the back foot as it’s very much Royal Home turf.

And Meghan won’t want to go back on her public insistence that she will never return to the UK – she’ll only do it if she gets the apology she has always demanded, unless something really dreadful happens, either King Charles or Kate become gravely ill or even die. If that happens all bets are off.”

What’s Next For The Duchess Of Sussex?

Quinn continued, “According to people I’ve spoken to at Kensington Palace King Charles has hinted to Harry and Meghan that they should come to Balmoral in the summer to see if something can be done about the ongoing feud in the family.

Charles knows that Harry and Meghan are much more likely to respond positively to an invitation after the shock of Harry’s father’s cancer diagnosis and Kate’s cancer diagnosis. It’s one of those situations where good might just come out of bad.”

So far Meghan Markle herself has made no comments about the matter.

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  1. Brenda says

    Even before Harry brought Megan to meet his family his father was telling him we bed actresses we do not marry them as for Kate when Harry and Meg invited them to a family dinner and Meg hugged Kate Kate felt insulted after all Megan touched her!!! Maybe the so called royals are being sent a message from God that they the royals are no better than even the least on this earth. For a time not to long ago the Brits were discussing fitting the royals and running their own gov. But they did not because of the Quenn she was a kind loving and caring person who never touted being better than unlike her son .personally Iam 100% on Megan and Harry’s side!!!

    1. Ananda says

      If you’re going to root for h & m, you might want to know the truth. KC3 didn’t say that to h, PP, his grandfather did. Some people don’t want to be hugged by a stranger. There’s no shame in that. The RF DOESN’T run the British government. Parliament does. Maybe God is telling YOU to shut up & stop lying. You only end up making yourself look like a fool!

  2. Edward Wisnewski says

    Meghan is really stretching for King Charles to apologize. She and Harry need to apologize for what they have put the monarchy rethought. I also believe she would use the return to UK to help her failing career.

  3. Joanne C says

    Charles is a kind man and wants to see his grandchildren. William’s response would be no and hell no! If anything, it is the British Royal Family deserves an apology
    from Harry and Meghan. What is so true, Meghan is depriving her children from a glorious future. As they grow older they will resent her for it.

  4. Cindi says

    I can’t believe that Meghan want’s an apology from royal family. No way she hasn’t been very nice to them she needs to grow up. Harry book wasn’t very nice about the royal family either . Getting tried of them wrying and crying about their life.

  5. Gillian says

    What a joke! So Madam Markle wants an apology from King Charles????? I think the other way around would be more appropriate!

  6. Vivian says

    Why would the UK want a drug addict mentally deranged Harry and his evil money hungry wife back for any reason this story has to be a joke

  7. Debby says

    Publicly Stunt… she knows no one in the RF is going is going to apologize to her.

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