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Nacho Figueras In Meghan Markle’s Doghouse, “Loves Her Jam”

Nacho Figueras In Meghan Markle’s Doghouse, “Loves Her Jam”British royal family news shows that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s pal Macho Nacho Figueras is feeling the heat after peddling American Riviera Orchard products just as Princess Catherine returned to the forefront.

Pro polo player Nachos is being dragged as the guy who trolled a cancer patient, and let’s be honest, this guy’s exquisite cheekbones might be his best quality. That and his unflinching loyalty to the disgraced Montecito traitors who appear to have already Markled him after using him. Welcome to Meghan’s doghouse Mr. Figuera.

Royal Family News – Nachos Is A Loyal Markle Friend

On Friday Kate Middleton announced she would be at Saturday’s Trooping the Colour, her first appearance since announcing in February that she is battling cancer. Right on cue, Meghan thrust herself, and her tortilla chip friend, right into Kate’s spotlight.

Within minutes Nachos posted a picture of Markle’s latest jamscam (raspberry) along with her new dog biscuits. Because what goes better with questionable preserves than a dog bone?

According to People magazine, Figueras’ tacky post went up just in time for U.K. followers to be amazed. With friends like this, who needs lawyers?

Royal Family News – Meghan And Nacho In The Doghouse Together

In contrast to Meghan and Nacho’s thirst trap, Middleton posted on Friday: “I’m looking forward to attending The King’s Birthday Parade this weekend with my family and hope to join a few public engagements over the summer, but equally knowing I am not out of the woods yet.”

Understandably, Meghan and Nacho’s greedy announcement caused outrage among royal fans.

For now Nacho is keeping his mouth shut, but Meghan is claiming that he did this all on his own; how does it feel to be Markled, Nachos?

Royal Family News – Meghan And Nacho Collaborate

A user on Instagram asked “Why did you let her use you to attack a woman fighting cancer?” together with a pic of Nacho and his wife, Delfina Blaquier.

One fan on X wrote: “That was a very nasty symbolic message you sent at 2am in the morning to Catherine [Princess of Wales], on behalf of the malignant narcissist. Not good optics for someone who claims to be a caring charitable man. Not good optics at all.” Again, Nachos has said nada to defend himself.

Royal Family News – Nacho Lobes Meghan’s Products

This is the second time Figueras has been a Markle fool; in April he shared a photo of “a knife spreading raspberry jam on a piece of toast, and a photo of himself taking a bite near one of the jars, with a label noting it was number 10 of 50.”

He wrote salaciously: “Did I tell you I love your jam?”

Figueras and Harry have been pals since 2007 and the Nacho family attended Harry and Markle’s 2018 wedding.

Give us your take on Meghan and Nacho’s ruff behavior, royal fans!

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