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New Book Could Hurt Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Brand, Aide Says

Since Prince Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family in 2020, they have been trying to build their brand. In fact, the couple were in the process of rebranding when Omid Scobie’s book dropped, and one aide fears it may set them back. Worse case scenario, they lose the little projects they’ve been able to scrounge to secure.

This could mean that the couple may be forced to continue to produce programs that deal with their relationship with the Royal Family in a bid to weather this setback.

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Vilifying the Princess of Wales in “Endgame” seemed to be Omid Scobie’s favorite sport, as he worked hard to reduce the mother of three to a grinning photo op.

New Book Could Hurt Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Brand, Aide Says

Side note: I’d love to see Omid Scobie carry out all these engagements and be as engaging to the people he meets as the Princess, but yeah, photo op. Let’s not forget Kate also spearheaded the Early Childhood Foundation.

In the past, Omid has been known to be close to Harry and Meghan – whether they still are is hard to say – and as a result of this previous relationship, the fallout of Scobie’s book is also affecting the Sussex camp.

A senior production source told the Express: “There are potential deals on the table for Meghan that could just as quickly vanish if this continues. Aside from the race row, even the American public is growing weary of mean-spirited and downright cruel attacks on the Princess Kate. Whether or not Meghan and Harry were the sources of these, people will simply assume they were because of their past connections with Mr Scobie.”

“Unless they immediately distance themselves from him and denounce his book as either untrue or reported out of context, then they must expect to be a part of the backlash against it.”

The source warned that if they do not publicly distance themselves from the mess, it may be the undoing of all they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

“They’re in a very difficult situation and now they must figure out how to navigate their way out before any more damage is done. Their very future as anything like a Hollywood power couple absolutely depends on that.”

Scobie, however, has publicly stated that neither Harry nor Meghan briefed him for “Endgame.”

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